Saturday, December 16, 2023

Seven ways to enjoy the Christmas tree

Here are some ideas of how to have fun with the Christmas tree.

  • Climbing. We indoor cats don't have much chance to climb. Make the most of this opportunity. 
  • Aim high. Get to the summit. It's fun when the tree topples over.
  • Baubles. They are small and light and shiny. Such fun to poke.  If you are lucky one will fall off and you can bat it round the room.
  • Twinkly lights on the tree. If you poke one of these, the others often start to move. Have fun. 
  • Electric wires on the little lights. There's something intriguing about wires and string.  Grip with your teeth and pull.
  • That pine odour stirs your instincts... will it make you want to mark the tree? Purrhaps....
  • Some trees have been left on the pavement and have been marked by passing dogs. You MUST spray your own scent to get rid of theirs.

And when it all crashes to the ground, you have had a happy Christmas. Your devoted human will simply put everything back and you can start again.

  • Still time to order this from Amazon. I like to help my human! Scroll down here and you can buy two different books by her in a package.



  1. My cats thank you for the advice.

  2. Now, explain please, how can I climb a plastic tree? Why humans buy fake trees?

  3. Well, my humans got a real Christmas tree but it is so small that I probably can just jump over it! Unbelievable! I have to check what else I can do to have fun!


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