Saturday, December 09, 2023

Christmas .... This is warning no 2.

The dangers of human Christmas have begun. My human is packing presents using ribbons. 

Bits of string are interesting.... if you poke them, they wiggle. And if they are not too large, you can chew them. Not a good idea. I spent Boxing Day last year at the emergency vet.

What had tempted me to swallow the ribbon was the fact that it was tied round the turkey to keep the legs close to the body. It tasted of bird.  So I didn't just poke it. I ate it. That was not a good idea.

Boxing Day was not a happy day. I loathe and detest all vets.

And the emergency fee, paid by my human was even more mouthwatering than the ribbon itself. I regretted that impulse to swallow the ribbon...

Then there are those other tempting items. Little fairy lights, tree decorations, and of course the tree itself.

If you climb up the tree you can bring it crashing down - quite fun if you enjoy teasing your human. But you can also get pine needles in uncomfortable places!



  • I've written a book too. A far better book than the one written by my human (see post before this one). You can get my superior book here

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  1. Sorry, I'm late replying but I was trying to see if there are any dangers in our home! I'm glad to report there are none! humans are lazy and just put "things" in bags with colorful paper around and that's it! Hmm! Having lazy humans is worth sometimes :) Meowy Christmas to all!


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