Friday, May 26, 2023

Kittens can count.... puppies can''t.


Kittens can tell the difference between a small quantity and a large one, like human babies can. Indeed they can do this as well as adult cats.

Human "scientists" spend their time doing all kinds of activities that we cats find pointless and sometimes upsetting. One of their tests, acceptable in that it offered food, was to see if a kitten would choose a larger number of food items over a smaller number.

In order not to give any human clues to the kittens, these "scientists" wore dark glasses, masks to cover their nose and mouth and stared at the wall.

It makes you wonder what the kittens thought of this very odd human behaviour. However, like sensible little animals they got on the job they were given and chose the larger portion.

Did they count up the food pieces? No, why would a sensible feline, young or old, bother with this. They just looked and chose the larger amount of food.

Puppies cannot do this, showing yet again how the feline superiority over mere dogs.


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Monday, May 22, 2023

The way cats live in Serbia


My human has come back with information about the lifestyle of a Serbian cat named Radosh. He has what humans (idiots that they are) call an "owner," Darko.

Radosh's life is completely different from mine. I am kept indoors all the time and fussed over by my human. Radosh leads an extraordinarily free life.

Indeed,Darko, unlike my human, does not interfere in Radosh's life very much, except to feed him when he turns up. 

Radosh has never had the operation that changed me into a home-loving cat! He has all his bits.

In winter Radosh disappears completely. Last summer he turned up again fat and healthy but the summer before he turned up looking thin and not very well. 

Where had he been? It remains a mystery.

Darko has not the slightest idea. 

Is Radosh like an unfaithful human husband, two-timing Darko with another human? Purrhaps.

In the mountains of the Balkan nation of Serbia, cats live differently, apparently, from the way we cats in the UK live now.

I think we have a better lifestyle but we do miss out on adventure, hunting and love.

Saturday, May 13, 2023

Black cats matter too.

There is something odd about humans and thier attitude towards colour. They don't seem to like the colour black - which is why beautiful black cats stay longer in rescue shelters.

This colour prejudice means that my fellow cats, who just happen to be black, are ignored or even passed over by would-be human adopters.

Let's be clear. Black cats are as beautiful and mysterious and affectionate as any other coloured cat. They deserve a loving home. So help them get it.

Don't let your human be part of the problem. Puursuade them to spread the word and become part of the solution.

Black cats matter!

  • My human is being boring and insisted on adding this pictures of "her" book. She just typed the manuscript when my paws got sore. All the worthwhile content is mine.

Saturday, May 06, 2023

No cats at the Coronation!

There are no cats at the British coronation. Not a whisker of one. 

 Larry the famous Downing St cat was not invited to Westminster Abbey. Neither was Palmerston of the Foreign Office invited out of retirement for the occasion.

Attlee, the new cat who has adopted the Speaker at the House of Commons will also be absent. His pet, Sir Lindsey Hoyle, however, will attend in his place.

Rumour has it that there is no place for any feline at Buckingham Palace for one good reason. Dogs will pledge allegiance any day even if it is in return for a biscuit. 

Cats won't. They don't do loyalty. Felines are republicans. They grovel to nobody. Canines are loyal royalists.

Remember the Civil War, when we cut off the head of Charles the First? 

Who's for doing it again, fellow felines?

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