Saturday, October 29, 2011

Halloween and Fireworks day - be careful out there

Dear George,

I don’t know if Halloween is as popular in UK as it is in North America but I worry for all of us, black cats! We (me and my siblings) are not allowed outside on such day or night but even the kids knocking in the doors can be disturbing. They make so much noise and what for? A candy or a chocolate bar?

Plus, some of them are wearing frightening, ugly costumes and masks. Who could think of this as fun? Some people are even dressing their dogs in ridiculous costumes. Who wants to be a “bat” or “pumpkin” and then taken for a walk? Not us cats, I bet!

I don’t understand what Halloween is all about but, I don’t like it as I don’t like fireworks in the summertime. I think of it as poor taste entertainment! George, what can we do? How can we escape this “sugar rush”?


Dear Bentley,

We have Halloween too and then later on November 5 we have Guy Fawkes day or Fireworks Day. There are bonfires and fireworks. The noise is terrible. In the past boys used to make up guys out of mops and old clothes and collect "a penny for the guy." Now they do trick and treat instead or as well.

But there are also a few feral humans who make the fireworks a chance to torture animals. Occasionally cats get deliberately thrown into bonfires. Or these feral youngsters tie fireworks to dogs' tails. It's not safe out there on the street for the next fortnight. Wildlife suffers too, as hedgehogs sometimes take refuge in the heaped up stuff ready for a bonfire - and then are burned to death.

My advice to all cats is to stay indoors as soon as it gets dark. Go under the bed if you are still scared - sensitive humans will not try to rout you out. They will leave you there where you feel safest. Even in the day time stay away from strange humans just in case they are a feral gang.

There's a special danger for black cats like you and me, Bentley. It is twofold. There is a rumour that black cats are caught and tortured or burned alive by black magic practitioners on Halloween. This probably isn't true. But then what happens is that black cats are scooped off the street by well-wishing humans and handed into animal shelters.

So far so good, you might think. Except that in the US (less so in the UK) "unlucky" black cats are slow to be adopted. So these handed in cats are then quietly euthanised by shelters who feel they can't find them homes. (in the l990s, animals shelters killed up to 70% of the cats handed in).

Please, any humans reading this, don't rescue black cats off the street unless you know a no-kill shelter to take them too. You may be "rescuing" them only to kill them. They are better off taking their chances on the street.....

Be careful out there, all you fellow cats.



  1. Bentley, you are a handsome woolly bear says our Ape. She loves you.

    George is right. We black cats get a bum deal when it comes to rehoming, we have a crazy fake history too, all nonsense about us being good luck/bad luck. It seems that some apes will find any excuse to be mean to cats.

    So I'm staying indoors and sleeping as much as possible through Halloween, Bonfire Night and right through to New Year, when the fireworks finally end.


  2. Fluffy and CayenneOctober 29, 2011

    Good advice George! If we may add some regarding the treats! Most kids and adults will be super-charged, hyper from too much sugar. Lots of treats will be around the house for days to come! But all cats (and dogs) should stay away from all chocolate (especially dark), candies containing xylitol(a more natural sweetener....but still), all foil and cellophane wrappers. Say "NO" to costumes; dressing us up is annoying.Hide under the bed if necessary. Be extra careful if your humans decorate with craved pumpkins with a candle inside.
    Wishing all to be safe & happy.
    Fluffy & Cayenne

  3. I know how scary all this can be. I'm happy I found my forever home and I'm happy to be indoor safe & sound. Don't go out or if you do, come back inside before dark.

  4. I've watched a video on Internet showing a pug dressed in a pink pig costume! Horrible! As much as I don't care for dogs, I felt really sorry for this little guy. I would take my humans to court!

  5. I wrote something but I think got lost in the cyberspace. I tried to tell you that I had my Halloween little moment this morning when I "dressed up" as a rug! If you have a long runner (rug) you get under it and start walking. The rug will "move", you make a mess and scare everybody (or may be not). It's fun - you should try it! My mommy wasn't amused but I think she woke up on the wrong side this morning.

  6. CAT VictoriaOctober 30, 2011

    I worry for my friend who lives outside. He still comes and eat at my place but doesn't want to come in.
    What can I do?
    CAT Victoria


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