Saturday, November 05, 2011

Vets and cats. We all hate vets. They are bad, bad, bad, bad humans.

Dear George,

I’m MAD, mad, mad at my humans who took me to a vet clinic for a visit! What kind of visit is that where instead of tea and cookies one is given a vaccine? I know they called it a “medical visit” but I want a fun visit not a medical one! I don’t want any vet touching my teats, ears, checking my teeth or other places I won’t even mention. By the way; what’s the purpose of having the temperature checked? And why is the procedure different for us then for humans? Why do they “use” one end to check ours and the other end for humans? At least the vet wasn’t successful with me! I simply “flew” right on a shelf and hid behind bags of food as you can see in the photo.

But here is my main concern George; why are we being vaccinated every year? Couldn’t this possibly be over vaccination? Shouldn’t a vaccine give you immunity for few good years? Can we become sick from being over vaccinated?

Worried about us & pissed at humans

CAT Victoria

Dear Cat Victoria,

Join the worldwide fellowship of Cats That Hate Vets. We hate their clinics. We hate the smell of it. We hate their white coats. We hate the receptionists, the vet nurses and the waiting clients. All of it. We hate the way there are dogs barking in the waiting room. We loathe every single moment of visiting them because they stab us with needles, pull out mouths open to look inside, and (worst of all) stick thermometers up our bottoms. Horrible horrible vets.

The needles, they tell us, are good for us. Vaccines protect us from illness. This well and good if we are outdoor cats, or if we are cats that are going to catteries. Good catteries have to insist on basic vaccination just to make sure illnesses are not spread among their feline clients.

But, do we need vaccinating each year? Many people believe not. For the British take on this topic look at The Cat Group's policy statement. For the American view, consult the guidelines of the American Association of Feline practitioners. Both these bodies say that not all cats need all vaccines. It depends on the age of the cat, the laws of the country and how much the cat is exposed to infectous diseases. It's important to vaccinate but it is also important not to over-vaccinate. If you have a bad effect from a particular vaccine, make your human report it and insist that he/she makes the vet use a different type or brand next time.

As for taking temperatures..... uggghhhhhh. How disgusting is it for us to have that tube up our bottoms! Horrible. Undignified. You did the right thing,Victoria. Just make a run for it. If you can't do that, then bite the vet. My friend William used to hate the procedure so much that it took three people to hold him down - his human, the vet and the vet nurse. Afterwards he turned smartly round and bit the vet. I admired him for it.

So the message to all Cats That Hate Vets, is don't let them get away with it. Have claws and teeth at the ready. Fight back and fight back hard.

Love George.


  1. I hate going to vet. Luckily we don't go too often especially after what happened last year; I came back after my visit smelling terribly and my sister didn't recognize me. We had a bit of a problem. Good for you Victoria! hiding and biting it's the way :-)

  2. Humans don't cease to amaze me! They really believe that "they know better" and therefore "they are thinking for us"! That's pure human arrogance! Who said that "ignorance is bliss"? First and foremost....our "thinking" differ from theirs.
    They believe they descended from apes and we think we descended from gods! Can we think alike? Not a chance! Can they think for us? That's a good joke :-)

  3. I don't trust vets! They have no idea about nutrition and they have no idea about vaccination. If you'll find one who knows something about these two are lucky.
    I make a BIG fuss each time I have to go for a visit. Phew!

  4. All my kitties hated going to the vet. They all knew when they were they were placed in the carrier it was not good. I could never get my Bubba Cat in the carrier, so I would put him in a pillow case to keep him safe in the car and from clawing me once we arrived at the vet. My Sweet Pea kitty was so afraid she would poop every single time she went to the vet. She was pitiful.

  5. They took me to the vet to have my manicure and pedicure done! Now, isn't that stupid? I never seen my mommy going to her family doctor to have her nails trimmed! Humans! Ha!

  6. Humans are completely confused when comes to checking their temperature. I watched them closely! They use same end like our for kids but they are completely undecided as adults; I've seen them using ears, armpit, mouth -you name it - guess it is hard for them to find the other end!

  7. I found good articles on Shirley's Wellness Cafe (you can google it - it's fun to google things) :-)
    There is a site for humans and one for us!

  8. Fight, kick, growl, slash and bite is Oliver's motto when he goes to the vet. He's proud to have a red cross marked on his records. Oliver is his own cat and does not want anyone, yet alone dastardly vets poking, prodding or petting him, unless HE has requested it.

    Poor Victoria, I hope you soon learn how to bite vets nice and hard.

    Luff from Gerry


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