Monday, November 28, 2011

My humans, the recession and me

Dear George,
I have just heard I cost about £500 a year to keep and am a bit worried in case they decide to cut my expense account. I don't have a hutch outside which needs to be kept heated in the winter and I don't have an outside run to keep clean and tidy. I try my best not to eat much hay and I only take up a bit of space under the kitchen table.
It's not as though I spread myself over the furniture like cats and dogs leaving hairs about and my cuddle blankets are easily popped into the washing machine. I wouldn't go to the vet at all if they didn't insist so they could easily save money there. I can't think of any way of cutting back on things.
Should I give up my daily slice of banana? Would that help do you think? They won't put me in a rabbit rescue home will they? Do cats cost a lot of money to keep? Oh dear,it's all such a worry.


Dear Harvey,
The recession is worrying for us cats, and dogs, and rabbits. The problem is human priorities. Obviously the best kind of human pet buys the pet food first, then their food, and lastly other things like rent, mortgage, petrol and so forth. But, of course, as we all know some pets just aren't properly socialised and may act as if their needs are as important as ours. These under-educated humans badly need further training.
I really don't think you should even contemplate cutting back on your food or your lifestyle. Why should you? I happen to know that your human carers could easily cut back on theirs. The male drives a nice car - he could get a much smaller vehicle. Both would be much healthier if they walked more instead of driving. They (not you) could eat less. I mean, why don't they eat hay and carrots - much cheaper than meat and fish? Why give up your banana? They should give up
their bananas.
However, you obviously love them. So here are some suggestions of things you could do. You could cuddle up closer to them on the sofa to help keep them warm - less heating costs. As you say, you could refuse all visits to the vet. That's a big saving and all of us animals loathe and detest vets.You could act as a hot water bottle by burrowing down the bottom of their bed.
I used to recommend that we cats bring in mice as a source of cheap protein for our humans. But, sadly, over the years I have had to admit defeat. They do not EVER eat them. Goodness knows I have tried. I have left a dead mouse in Celia's handbag. I have set loose a living one on their bed one Sunday morning as a treat. I have even left a dead mouse in the toaster. She came down, put a slice of bread in the other side, pushed down the toaster.... and screamed.
It was then I realised my efforts to help them through the recession were not working at all.
PS. Cats and dogs and house rabbits are suffering when humans lose their house and cannot find rented accomodation which will accept pets. Please make a donation to your local animal shelter this Christmas - especially my original home,


  1. Harvey, it worries us to see you fret so. Harvey, even if you cost one million ape pounds a year, you would be considered a bargain. You are a legend and deserve the finest of everything, that includes that daily slice of nana.

    We cost out apes loads and have trained them to go on a diet when funds are tight. A fat ape is lazy and useless, whereas a hungry, slender ape is keen to serve us

    Gerry & Oliver

  2. Hey Harve, did you just bully Bentley and pushed him off this week post?

  3. Harvey, don't worry; your human won't abandon or starve you.
    I'm sure she'll starve herself first. I can tell how much she loves you!

    PS. I miss Tutu!

  4. Harvey, guess you are one of the most loved bunnies on the net!
    Don't worry mon ami....we'll all get you a carrot or some salad ....even if we have to steal it!

  5. Oh my God! You are so cute!

  6. Harvey, you are lovely! You don't need to worry; I have a good plan to "recession proof" my food (if you read my letter way back)and I'll help you too!

  7. Finally we are back to normal, I mean....on line. We were "disconnected" from the cyberspace and I wonder if Celia has something to do with it (you know...she always has a "computer" problem):-)
    Harvey, you are adorable! We'll share everything with you; but in the meantime ask your human to start a little indoor garden for you. She can plant carrots in pots as well as salad. We'll sell her some bananas at a discounted price, so don't worry if she can't pay...she can "mouse" for us! It is called "fair trade" :-)

  8. Harvey, bunnies don't worry - they are too cute to! They are taken care of, they are loved and praised.
    You'll have plenty of food and love!
    Enjoy it!

  9. I'm sorry to disturb the blog with a sad news but I wanted to tell you all that our friend Sebastian crossed the rainbow bridge. He was 23 or may be 24 years young!
    I'll miss him and his humor and comments.
    Sir Winston

  10. Fly free at The Bridge Sebastian, grand senior fella.
    With love and purrs for Sebastian's people

    Gerry & Oliver

  11. Fluffy and CayenneDecember 09, 2011

    Sebastian, we'll miss you and yours grumpy comments! We know you met William, Wicky Wuudler, Oscar and many others on the other side of the bridge!
    Love & purrs for your people
    Fluffy & Cayenne


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