Saturday, October 15, 2011

Regrets... still no secretary

I regret to say that I still have no secretary. She is back home but totally doolally.... unable to think straight (she says), unable to type very much due to sore places post surgery, and, most of all, just exhausted. She even stopped eating for a few days and has lost half a stone (a bit of that came off with surgery, the easy way to lose weight.)
I have brought in several mice to tempt her appetite but to no avail. She sleeps a lot and I accompany her in this healing activity. These humans are fragile creatures. Occasionally she surfaces to do a very grumpy and bad taste blog about cancer.


  1. Fluffy and CayenneOctober 15, 2011

    No one can be positive about cancer! One can be only terrified! There is always HOPE but that comes with a lot of "worry and scare". We think Celia is doing the right thing expressing her anger, fear and frustration (even if she thinks the blog is in bad taste) We heard of someone who "kept" positive through prayers (but didn't have a partner to care of). George, you do the right thing helping Celia heal. Just be there for her even if this means sleeping 16 hours a day and missing on mousing :-)
    We wish her a speedy, pain free recovery. Please give Celia our love and purrs.
    Fluffy & Cayenne

  2. Cat VictoriaOctober 15, 2011

    My vet touched my teats too but he said they were okay! I was worried but he said I'm okay. That didn't help much as I ended up hiding on a shelf in a cabinet in his office!
    George, take care of Celia and don't mind her grumpiness at times. It is important that she recovers fast!
    CAT Victoria

  3. George, I know Celia doesn't believe in "energy", "aura", "bio-electro-magnetic field" and other things but the pain in a missing breast can be real; it's not a myth! "Energetically" the breast is still there! May be this will give her some comfort (when she'll think of George Clooney) :-)

  4. Dear George, I read the blog about cancer. I can understand why she's grumpy. She needs to rest well to recover. She doesn't need any worry or stress. Hope you can help her to relax and heal.
    Love, purrs & hugs to both of you.

  5. Sir WinstonOctober 15, 2011

    Dear George, it must be a tough time for you but you do exceptionally well. My hat off to you!
    Take care of Celia (make a little bit of room in your king size bed for her). She needs attention and love.
    Sir Winston

  6. I will come and see you and Celia as soon as you say the word. I can ride shotgun with my litter tray in the car footwell. I quite like the car once I've scrabbles my blankets into a comfortable position.Mice are no good for her, George. I'll bring some cabbage and carrots.
    Love, Harvey

  7. George, this is a really tough time for Celia. Take good care of her and know I am praying for her.

  8. George, we all know beans are not as tough as kitties. Just cuddle with Celia, and purrrrrrr on her as much as you can. In time, she'll pull herself together, and be ready to start waiting on you hand and foot like you require.

    ppuurrrrrrrrrss to you both.

  9. Celia, I'm no George Clooney but I can easily pass as Sir Roger Moore and I, as all the other feline friends on this blog, love you and we wish you a speedy, complete recovery. We all like boobs but, right now it really doesn't matter how many you have. All that matters is to feel good and be well soon.

  10. George, yes, let Harvey bring Celia some carrot and cabbage juice. It's true that it's not that tasty as a fresh mouse but she won't know the difference, right? Did she ever eat a mouse?
    May be you'll get her interested in mousing if you take her for short walks and fresh air.

  11. George it's up to you to take charge here. Celia needs purrs, she needs love and rest too. She may need some new cuss words to get those frustrations out, our ape says she has plenty of cuss words to spare. We are all here for Celia if she needs us, just say the word

    Sending love and rumbly purrs

    Oliver, Gerry & Jane the Ape xx

  12. Ah, George, it's very frustrating to humans when they aren't able to do whatever they want to because of health. We hope your secretary will continue to recover from her surgery as she rests.

  13. Big purrs to your secretary George.
    It is good of you to help her with sleeping :) She is lucky to have you ;)

    Purrs Tillie and Georgia,
    Tiger,Treasure and JJ


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