Monday, August 27, 2007

How the Pope could help black cats

Bad news in yesterday's newspapers. Black cats are being killed in Italy just because they are black. The Italian Association for the Protection of Animals claims that as many as 60,000 cats like me are slaughtered because of the stupidity and superstition of humans. I know we are discriminated against in Britain - Cats Protection find it more difficult to get homes for black cats like me. But in Italy it is much worse.
In Italy people believe that a black cat brings bad luck if it crosses their path. (Only wish we could sometimes!). And that where there is a black cat, the Devil is present too. Thousands of black cats go missing or are found dead every year because of this ridiculous human belief. Apparently the church itself was involved for centuries with priests ordering massacres like a sort of religious Klu Klux Klan. (And in the seventeenth century British authorities searching out "witches" also demonised their pet cats. Only now Brit humans believe black cats are lucky, thank goodness.) I only wish this Pope, who is meant to love cats, could do something to purge this superstition. Could he not have a word with God (whom I consider may well be a Cat not a Human Person - see earlier blogs.)
Why do humans think it is acceptable to torture and kill an animal because of the colour of its fur? And why black? What is the difference between white and black that black should be demonised in this way? Italian humans even kidnap black cats at Hallowe'en and sacrifice them in cruel ceremonies. Why are humans so very, very cruel? They claim we are cruel but are in denial about their own behaviour.
Help stamp out this discrimination, torture and killing. The Italians are going to hold a Black Cat Day on November 17. Watch this space....
PS. This picture is me inside a drawer. What I enjoy is climbing in, digging a sort of hole in the clothes and having a little nap. Do my bright eyes really look devilish? or just kittenish?


  1. Wise and intelligent eyes I would say - very like mine in fact!

    However, this is shocking news, I must admit I knew nothing about the recent/current persecutions! I know of course about women with black cats being regarded with great superstition in the past when witch hunts were rife etc. but had no idea such ignorance was still around!! As we know black cats are clever, and cunning, and good hunters, and affectionate, and entertaining, and tolerant of children, and extremely sensitive to moods and atmospheres, and purr so beautifully, and look after our pets.... and of course humans are frequently intolerant of things they don't understand or people that are more discerning than they are, ie. intelligent enough to know that black cats are definately best - Do you think we should write a petition to the Pope? from the black cats of England!

  2. Hey George,

    No your eyes don't look scary at all. What a foolish thing, being afraid of black cats! Education is the best answer. People need to know the truth. I hope someone in power there will speak out publically about this. Thanks for blogging this topic!
    >^.~.^< Dan

  3. Oh dear me! That is terrible. You are right, the Pope has to do something to stop this terrible attack on the black cats!!!!! I'm thankful I'm gray. I'm glad the English have come to their right minds and like black cats. Right now we are dealing with Michael Vick, a famous football player in Atlanta, that has plead guilty to operating a dog fighting ring. All the animal rights people are furious over this situation. If the dogs didn't perform they were killed in various cruel manners. I'll not go into the details. I'm not fond of dogs, but they don't deserve to be treated so bruitally. Vick is headed to prison. It's a pitty animals have to have protection from such cruel humans.

    I just LOVE getting in to my human's dresser drawers and dig around to make me a comfty bed and have a great nap. It's not often I get to do this because she watches me really closely. I only get a chance to do this when she is putting away laundry. By the way, I was featured in my human's last blog.

    My human loved your photo. It made her LOL.

  4. The comment from Tee is ACTUALLY from OSCAR SNUGGLES, KING OF TIDEWATER. How could she have done that to me?!!!!! She used HER name, when I made the comment. I'll just withdraw my affection from her for a bit, see how she like that! Huh!

  5. this is bad news for us mogs! Being ginger I just get teased a bit over here... - my advice is stay close to Celia and don't go abroad!


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