Thursday, August 30, 2007

George's rap on catnip

I’m catnipped up and feeling funny,
Goin' to get me a bunny,
Mice is great for me too
Yes, cat William, for you.
We both high and hip
We both high on catnip
Goin’ to flip
With catnip.

Nibble on a mouse and eat its head
Don’t know if he’s live or dead
I’m catnipped up and riding high
High at the sky, I tell no lie.
Man, she worries and she quibbles.
Me I hurries and I nibbles.
We both high and hip
We both high on catnip
Goin’ to flip
With catnip.

William and me is high as cats
We both goin' to get us some rats
Catnipped up and feeling strange
Jumpin' everythin' in range.
We both high and hip
We both high on catnip
Goin’ to flip
With catnip.


  1. Having followed your various hunting exploits, real and imaginary, on your blog I thought you (and perhaps William) might like to sing this jolly hunting song:
    Love to eat them mousies..
    Mousies what I love to eat!
    Bite they little heads off,
    Nibble on they tiny feet!
    Your true and admiring friend,
    Pushkin Marengo

  2. That is a song the cat sings while playing the gitar in a cat cartoon book my human owns, "cat" by B. Kliban. It was written in 1975. I didn't know anyone else knew that song, in fact, my human sings that to ME all the time. My human thinks it a great book with really funny cartoons. Frankly, I fail to see the humor in some of those cartoons. It's an insult, I tell you, an insult! But some of the serious sketches are really nice of Burton, must be Kliban's cat. There are also some cat words in ther I don't necessarily agree with, like:
    1. Now?
    2. Wow
    3. Prowl
    4. Wackawacka*
    5. Crown?
    6. Pert
    7. Prang
    8. Marie?

    *Not widely used

    Just a bit of education there, mate.

    I don't get the catnip thing, it doesn't do a thing for me. However, I did leave some leftover parts of my latest kill on the mat at the den door. My human aren't happy about that. "Too bad", I say, "they will get over it".

  3. That's a great song! I hope you stay safe George - otside can be very dangerous!


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