Thursday, August 23, 2007

I am curious about next door.

There has been a total black out of news from next door. Miss Ruby Fou (see a communication from her in a July blog), if she was there, has not been seen at the window nor has she ventured out. The cat flap remains firmly closed. Steffi and Paul no longer invite William and I in for a little snack or even some interesting conversation. Only some oriental smells have drifting out. Tantalising and very irritating indeed. This was our territory once. Now we are locked out.
So when the boiler went wrong next door, I took the opportunity to go in with Nigel Gardiner and take a look round. Nigel Gardiner and Son (Matthew actually) of Witney have put in a new boiler for us and I am familiar with his tall figure and his competant assessment of boilers. Nice man. Fond of cats and respectful of them too. To please him I had a look at the boiler. Lots of wires and stuff. No mice so not very interesting for cats but we cats like to have a look anyway. Nigel seemed to know what he was doing with the wires. William went in too but had less curiosity. He went straight to the plate of dried food that Miss Ruby Fou had left uneaten in the kitchen and ate the lot.
I checked the whole joint upstairs and downstairs. There was definitely a Siamese smell - upstairs on the double bed, downstairs in the kitchen area, and the litter tray had been used - though cleaned by Steffi before she and Paul and Miss Fou had left for London. Yes, Miss Fou has taken up residence at weekends. She is definitely now a neighbour at weekends.
How do I feel about it? I am not sure. She seems rather standoffish. Why not let us in? What is going on in the Paul and Steffi household? Is Miss Fou being held captive? Or is she too snobbish to mix with us?

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  1. Looks interesting. Did you get inside that machine? This afternoon I heard my human crying. She was talking with her neice, Lizzie. Seems one of Lizzie's cats, Fat Kitty, is seriously ill. She can't eat. Fat Kitty's new dad (Lizzie's new husband) took her to the vet. They really did stab her and took x-rays. They took some ofher BLOOD! They couldn't see her kidney on the x-ray the vet thought her intestines were stuck together. My human was really crying! Fat Kitty's human stopped by the vet to check on her and spend some time with her. The vet decided to go ahead and do surgery this afternoon rather than waiting until Monday, so was too sick. My human got a call and I heard her say she was so glad Fat Kitty was doing okay. Seems she had an obstruction from being so fat--I suppose that's how she got her name--FAT KITTY. They removed the obstruction and some of the fat, did a biosopy of her stomach and is sending all the stuff off they removed to the lab. I sure hope Fat Kitty's labs come back okay. The vet seem to think they would. Fat Kitty can have company tomorrow, so her humans will be going over to check on her. It's official, she on a strick diet! NO MORE GRAZING. She can only eat when her humans feed her. Hurry home Fat Kitty, your mama, Grinnel misses you. I just had to get that off my chest.


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