Wednesday, August 22, 2007

I am dreaming of a beautiful white swan.

This is a huge white feather belonging to a swan. I leaped on it. nibbled it. played with it. Pouncing on it. Dragged it around. It was simply huge. About ten times bigger than a greenfinch tail feather. (I have had a few of those). Three times the size of a black bird. As long as, but much wider than, a pheasant's tail feather. My human pet, Celia, and Lesley, the pet belonging to Opus1 and Opus2 (see past comments) brought it back from a walk for me. (Humans are social animals. I am pleased that Celia has found a friend to play with. It makes her less dependent upon me and William.)
The gigantic feather set me off into a wonderful day dream. I am slinking along the bank of a clear rushing river - gleaming black, huge paws soft and silent as silk, nose drinking in the scent of a summer day, tail twitching very slightly at the tip. The river flags are in full yellow flower. Water lilies bloom where the current is not too fast. Purple loosestrife adorns the bank. And on the river itself is a noble swan. It is the most magnificent creature gleaming white against the water. It sails along serene and magnificent. The image of beauty and calm.
With one bound I leap into the river, landing skillfully upon its back, grabbing it in a killer bite at the back of the neck. Blood gushes. It fights back but I am (in the dream) more powerful than a mere bird, however big. Like a powerful black panther, I hang on despite its struggles. Then its bright black eyes begin to dim dim, its movements become more feeble, and it slowly sinks below the water. A dying swan. With strong sweeps of my paw I paddle to the river side, crushing the loosestrife as I drag this noble prey to the bank. I am the greatest hunter in the world. I wake to the single feather.
Celia says this is a disgusting blog. As I have said before - she doesn't understand me.


  1. Oh to have my human find we a swan feather! I don't think they ever see swans, but I do think they see lots of Canadian geese when they fish, so I don't understand why they don't bring me some feathers. I have to tell you I was lounging on the patio recently and a big hawk swooped down after one of the squirrels that occupies MY yard. Unfortunately, the hawk didn't take away the squirrel. Those squirrels are such nasty animals--rats with fluffy tails. I have been dreadfully neglected this week, my human has been on jury duty and just hasn't devoted much attention to me. She has been released from his civic duty, so hopefully she will be more attentive. It is so hot I just stay inside. The heat index was 104 degrees F yesterday. I think that might be about 43 degrees C for you. It's HOT! I just feel really lazy in this kind of weather.

  2. I wish Lesley would bring me a swan feather. - What a tribute, and such a lovely dream to flow seamlessly from your gift. I hope you know how lucky you are, George.

    Lesley came back from the walk empty handed! But very excited to have a new friend to play with - and walk with - it was quite touching. Well, we cats know how difficult it can be - one has to be cautious with new aquaintances, you never know whether they may suddenly turn and spit at you.

    Still I wish she would bring me a swan's feather - maybe she will pick up some good habits from your Celia - I entirely approve of this friendship!


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