Friday, October 04, 2013

Dear George,
This is me among the heather. I think  I look  rather  sweet, but  I swiped  Mummy 's finger  just  after she took this photo. Blood everywhere,she seemed a bit  upset. Humans don't seem to understand that there are times when we need space.
A good swipe usually gets that space but does rather upset the humans. They are sensitive souls. She cooked me coley a couple of hours later, so think  I've got away with it.
But has she learned her lesson? Less likely, I fear. Humans don't seem to able to take in the fact that when we punish by swiping or biting they need to review their conduct and amend their ways.

Dear Toby,
It's a problem isn't it? Trying to get through to them. You would have thought they might realise that if we purr or rub, we are relatively pleased with their behaviour. Or even that we are encouraging future behaviour (such as putting out more food).
When we scratch, we are displeased. Whatever they have done just before the scratch was bad. I just wish I could miaow in human language 'Bad, human. Bad, Celia"  I do our feline body language but she fails to understand.
Still, they are sweet. Warm in bed. Generous with cat food. As pets go, they are definitely better than dogs. A human is a cat's best friend.


  1. A good ape knows when to leave us alone.


  2. I wish I meet a "good ape"! They all are annoying one way or another...but they are our pets, right? So what can we do?
    Bite them! Make them bloody apes :-)

  3. I don't like the ape analogy.Sounds bit insensitive,as want to keep in mummy's good books as home comforts might be cut off.

  4. I don't mind my daddy taken snapshots of me! I don't understand what is he going to do with so many (he got already)....but I know is all in good faith & love :-)
    I think our humans are so proud of us and just want to "show off" with our photos!

  5. You might be right Fluffy! I can see in my "daddy's office" photos of me displayed everywhere.
    I heard other humans saying that some keep our photos in their office at work instead of having their human kittens' or wives' photos. That must be something!

  6. CAT VictoriaOctober 11, 2013

    Hmm! I mind it and I don't mind it - you know? If I'm busy moussing....I mind it very much. If I'm sleeping....I mind it again. If I'm awake the flash (that light that makes eyes red in photos)scares me!
    But Toby is right! We have to put up with our pets - as always is extra food or treats or petting and rubbing:-)
    CAT Victoria


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