Friday, October 25, 2013

A mother worries about the fate of her little black kittens.

Dear George,
I am the proud mother of five kittens - two ginger tabbies, one dark tabby and two black ones. I love them very much even though I know they will have to leave me to go to a new home.
My fosterer keeps coming to look at them and says things like: "There'll be no trouble in homing the tabbies, but the black ones will take time to go."
What is she talking about? I don't think she is colour prejudiced because she took me in when I was just a heavily pregnant stray. And she wouldn't have done that if she really hated black cats. I worry about the fate of my dear little black kittens.
Yours with anxiety

Dear Orchid,
Your kittens will find a human to love but it may take more time. Colour prejudice is alive and well in the human-cat world. Not us. We are not racist. But humans are colour prejudiced about cats. They prefer light shades of fur, nice tabby patterns, and these are the cats that are rehomed first. Cats Protection currently have 1,300 black cats needing homes.
Last week Cats Protection held its Black Cat appreciation day here to remind humans that we black cats are just as beautiful and loving as cats in the other colours. Facebook has its Black Cats are Wonderful page here. Elsewhere national black cat days vary in their dates. Nevertheless some enlightened humans are working for us not against us.
It's not too bad in the UK where black cats are considered lucky. But in the USA superstitious humans think they are unlucky. There is a ridiculous human idea that black cats are connected with Halloween and witches.  They have persecuted in the past. And even today in the USA some animal shelters just refuse to let people adopt black cats around this time because disgusting humans come in, adopt a cat, and then give it back afterwards. They just wanted the cat as Halloween window dressing.
These humans aren't the worst. The worst capture cats, especially black ones, and throw them on bonfires. Well meaning cat lovers, trying to save them from this fate, sometimes collect the black cats living on the street and hand them into animal shelters which then (if they have too many) euthanase them.
We must stop this prejudice against black cats. We are black and beautiful. We are sensitive and loving. It's humans, not us, who are ignorant and colour prejudiced.
In anger


  1. Poor Orchid, to have such worries when you have such a lovely litter of gorgeous kittens is so unfair.

    But like most unfairness in this world, it's caused by apes.

    I hope Cat's Protection don't rehome black cats at this time of year, because, sadly, where America goes, the UK tends to follow.


  2. We worry for black cats every Halloween! My parents worry for all cats all the time. They feed a colony of stray cats somewhere in a remote and safe area (there is a beautiful shrine in an semi-open area with a lake and woods/ravine nearby so, these cats are safe. My daddy just repaired few shelters built in the past by some good apes for these cats. We try to find a way to educate the apes to be kind to all animals, especially cats. ape at a's (taking)too long! We need something faster. Hope Orchid won't have any reason to worry and her beautiful kittens will find good, loving homes.

  3. I hate Halloween! I don't know the history of it but it seems such a barbaric act of entertainment! Too commercial as well. I hate the door bell ringing all day and hoards of kids waiting for treats in your steps! What treats? Go get some yourself! Plus, I'm not allowed outside the "Halloween week"! Phew!

  4. I don't think shelters in North America will protect black cats by not putting them up for adoption.
    Idiots here sell black cats on a stupid Kijiji site on internet.
    They are eager to get rid of all cats regardless of color. So sad.
    Mungo is right - apes caused so much damage to everything including themselves!
    Orchid, I'm sure the people at Cat Protection are different and they will look for your best interest. You have lovely kittens. Very beautiful!

  5. I am a black and white tuxie kitty. And my mommy fell in love with me and I told her to take me home. My furever home. And that was almost a year ago. Yea! And before brandi (grey and white tuxie) there was lovely Sasha. A BLACK CAT! Mommy said black cats are awesome and she does not understand how they ever could be unlucky. Our lovely Feline Rescue in St. Paul only lets serious catlovers take kitties home, and they are very protective of their furfamily. Some cats with disabilities remain at the rescue place and are very loved and special. There needs to be more of these places!!!!


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