Saturday, January 08, 2011

Our New Year Resolutions....

Dear George,

As 2010 came to an end we reviewed the most important (and not so important) events in our life ….we decided what we want to change in 2011. Here is a list with our New Year’s resolutions:

1) EAT HEALTHY – we mean …more fresh meat like in a juicy, fresh mouse!

Say “no” to tasteless kibbles or canned food. If “fresh” mice are not available

insist on gourmet food ….cooked just for us/cats!

2) RELAX more and work less – we worked hard on different combinations/plans to either secured or to “recession proof” our food. We really think that economy didn’t go that bad…so we can relax more in 2011

How about letting humans worry about economy and expecting them to provide for us? After all ….THEY screwed up the economy, not the cats!

3) BE MORE ACTIVE – there is a lot of effort jumping from bed to bed, right?

After such effort…..a nap is a blessing in disguise!

4) STRETCH every time we roll/turn from one side to another during our nap.

We hope you agree that stretching is quite beneficial and we, cats, do master the art of stretching.

5) DO NOT STRESS over human incompetence or their lack of intelligence.

We should adopt a more “humane” attitude towards our human pets and ignore

them completely ….unless they bag us (with treats) for forgiveness.

We may have some more ideas, but we’ll stop here and wait for other cats to join us and come with their list J. So, George, what do you think? Is our list good ?

A Happy and safe 2011 all cats (and their humans)


Fluffy & Cayenne

Dear Fluffy and Cayenne,

Your wonderful letter set me thinking. What kind of resolutions should I make for 2011? You both set an example in 1010 when you recession-proofed your food. Now your resolutions can act as an inspiration to other cats. So here are mine:

1. I shall try to be more understanding of the human need to sleep on my bed. True, Celia has a perfectly good bed downstairs (it's called the sofa) but she obviously has an emotional need to sleep where I do. In 2011 I will share it with her. My efforts to push her off completely weren't working anyway.

2. Eat more. I am supposed to put up with tinned cat food and biscuits. If I sit closer to her plate, while she eats, I can help with her consumption of steak, chicken, lamb, fish and pork. She can eat the vegetables and I shall eat the protein - much healthier for both of us.

3. I will practise a more active survelliance of the kitchen - in particular, the trash can, the food preparation surfaces, and the floor near the cooker. I will also help with washing plates before they are put in the dishwasher. This is part of resolution no 2.

4. I have my eye on the old age pensioner across the field (fond of cats, good central heating but with no cat). Perhaps I will stroll over and see if he would like to offer me a meal. It would be making an old man happy and would contribute to resolution no 2.

5. Nap more often and nap in imaginative places - spread over the computer mouse, on the printer, just near the dishwasher machine (see no 2), curled round the phone, linen cupboard (of course), in the in-tray, on the lap of any visitor who hates cats.

Readers please add their resolutions in the comments section.

Love George

PS. Photo of my friend Harve, to go with his comment below.


  1. I'm sure these are resolutions Oscar Snuggles would have made for 2011:

    No more trips to the vet.

    More fresh raw meat, as in chipmunks at the edge of my human's patio.

    Long naps in front of the fire.

    No trips outside in the rain or soon to be snow here in Georgia.

    I must agree with the cats these are brilliant resolutions for the new year.

  2. George,you see this is where we differ.I can't work out why you companion cats feel the need to transcribe your outside behaviour ie slaughtering and eating harmless birds, mice and rabbits to psycho damaging your live-in primary care humans.Come on,let them be in 2011! They know all your moves anyway.
    I bet you won't admit to this in print but I have heard you allow Celia to drape you round her neck like a fur collar! Even I growl and grumble at that sort of thing.
    My new year resolutions? Simply grab the warmest patch, stretch out the back legs and snore as loudly as you can.

  3. I have just ONE New Year resolution and that is to make my "mommy" give me more TREATS! Who does she think she is to "count" and "potion" my treats, anyway?

  4. Harvey, I'm not quite sure what you are talking about, but sure enough I'm waiting for the time to play with Tutu "unsupervised" by our humans :-)

  5. Fluffy and CayenneJanuary 09, 2011

    Harvey, we know George has a soft spot for Celia; we said that a long time ago! But, you must admit that she is special! We think she was a "naughty cat" in a previous life that's why we all love her :-)
    Fluffy & Cayenne

  6. Hola all! My new year resolution is to make friends with that damn skunk living in "my ravine". I always think he is a new cat invading my territory and until I realize what it's always too late :-(

  7. Girls, your list is good! it looks to me you are on your way to improve your "joie de vivre".
    A votre sante!

  8. Sir WinstonJanuary 11, 2011

    I'm on your side George! Just like you ....I'll be more humane towards my male housekeeper and let him sleep in my king size bed in my master bedroom! I shall be more compassionate towards him since, after all, he lost his sense of direction after losing his whiskers (remember my old letter)? He might not even realize where the basement is or that...that's the place where he should be sleeping! I'll keep you posted!
    Sir Winston

  9. 2011? Hm! Well, being almost 23 years old...I'll increase my take of the recreational drug "catnip" and have sweet dreams!

  10. What excellent resolutions, apart from the ones involving benevolence towards the apes. It's false economy giving the apes that extra inch when considering their behaviour, they always grab the whole yard.

    My resolutions are:-
    To sleep in a wider variety of places, especially the reclining chair used by the apes.
    To thrash my tail about with more vigour if I am disturbed whilst in the big ape bed
    To have longer and louder games of "Thundering Herd of Elephants" with bro' Gerry at 2am
    To continue to be a gorgeous boy.

    Sebastian, what a grand old cat you are, you must be very wise and I like your resolution

    Whicky Wuudler

  11. Thanks Whicky Wuudler!
    Wish you all a long, healthy and happy life!

  12. Wow! We are already in 2011! I think I missed something here! Last thing I remember is that I "sit" for my regular noon meditation (you know that I'm the Zen cat now)and that was in 2010!
    May be I should change my resolution from "meditating even deeper" to "be more active" and knock off more vases through the house!


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