Friday, November 02, 2007


Yesterday was a day of false sightings. First, a cat near the oak tree in the field near Purrants Lane. It was probably the cat, black with white feet, belonging to somebody in the lane - with its feet hidden in grass. Next a black cat near Buttermilk Farm. I ran gasping for breath (aged 63 is too old for this) just to late to see it vanish into a barn. But the farm owner tells me it is her local feral and when I called it did not come. Worst of all, was the sighting by a friend of George down several fields away towards Minster Lovell. Good friend that she is we went out in the dark with torches - no luck. I went back again this morning at 7am calling. No luck again. I had left some catfood on a bench near the road and it had been eaten. Probably a fox but I have left a bit more. I am going to leaflet that end of Asthall Leigh. The cat seen there was slim and sleek but with a bushy tail. Odds are that it is not George. However at least there were no bodies on the road this morning.
I also left a poster with the Blue Cross. I am going to put one on that bench.
Thank you all for your friendly comments, cross blogs etc. It is comforting for me.


  1. Celia, you can't give up! When our Mollie Moo Cat took up with us, she was pregnant. She had her kittens out in the wild (Oscar and Sweet Pea). We looked for those babies for a solid week, under neighbors' decks, in their storage buildings, everywhere, left cards with all the neighbors. I finally prayed, "Lord, you know we have looked everywhere we know to look, so you are going to have to move on Mollie to bring her kittens to us." Several days later, she brought Sweet Pea and dropped her on our kitchen floor. Next morning she brought Oscar to us. So, I'm not going to stop praying that George will get back home. My heart just hurts for you. I understand the age, we are very close in age. Be encouraged dear friend.

    My husband and I are both checking your blog several times a day for further news.

    Tee, Jonesboro, GA (Oscar Snuggles' Human)

  2. Celia, could George be stuck down a rabbit hole?
    Still hoping,

  3. Celia
    Sorry to see you have still not found George - have you thought of asking your local radio station if they could ask if anyone has seen
    a black cat in case they have not read your leaflet or notices?
    Kind regards
    Sue and Elegant Emma


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