Monday, November 05, 2007

Day 8. No George

Yesterday I checked the two most likely places, drove on the roads where there is most likely to be corpse and handed out leaflets to dog walkers. I got a new lead. A black cat had been seen near a builders skip in the village of Asthall. This is quite far away - nearer five miles than two - and the lead came in as darkness fell. I am going there this morning.
Tracey, one of Smudge's two owners, is the local RSPCA inspector and she is going to keep an eye out. She also asked the shooters' beaters to look out for him. So that will make it more likely that they hold back, if he is still alive.
For my peace of mind, I am trying to think of him as being dead - after a glorious two year life of hunting and being cuddled. A good combination for a cat. A full life. His loss is the consequence of my decision to let him out in the wide wide world - the English way of keeping cats. I would do it again but now I know the cost of freedom. Freedom isn't a free gift either for humans or cats. It is paid for in lives. George paid for his. I think it is still worth it.
I am still praying for him.


  1. Freedom to live a full and happy life is everything - be you cat or human. Never regret his full life. We wish you luck in your search. Jaffa and Caz

  2. I would never be happy of I didn't have my freedom. Matter of fact I get quite upset if I'm left too long in the house. Actually, I can get ugly, like clawing the furniture, so my humans think it's better for me to be an inside/outside cat. I understand all their cats have been inside/outside. I'm so glad. I would be so miserable if I had to stay locked up all the time.


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