Friday, September 07, 2007

She smelled deliciously of rabbit.

This is Celia's friend, Janet. She picked me up when she came to visit. I have got used to humans picking me up. They just can't resist me but it still sometimes makes me want to wriggle away. It's not that I am shy. It's more a question of feline dignity. I don't go round picking up humans so that their legs dangle in the air.
However, something about Janet intrigued me. She smelled of rabbit. It was all over her - a sort of human-rabbit hybrid smell. She would probably have tasted absolutely delicious. I considered having a bit of a nibble at her nose, but then when I eyed up how HUGE she was, decided against it. Giant rabbits I might have a go at. But Janet was a giant human-rabbit hybrid. I might regret it if I started eating her. There is danger in biting off more than you can chew.
Later when she'd gone Celia explained that she smelled of Harvey, her house rabbit who blogs like I do on He lives in the house just like me and William do. Sleeps on the sofa. Watches TV. Uses a litter tray. I would very much like to meet him - he smelled very good on Janet. Tasty. Very tasty indeed. But whether he'd like to meet me is a bit morer doubtful.


  1. Oh heavens, why would you want to eat Janet's PET? That is absolutely rude. What if one of Celia's dog friends wanted to eat you. You might want to reconsider your position on this issue, mate.

  2. I forgot to tell you, my humans do pick me up, very careful to support my back legs. I like it, but I don't want ANY strange human to touch me! Never, ever! I like it when they stroke my head and back, it just dig my claws into their arm and my eyes roll back into my head. Where are those people? I need to be loved.


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