Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Death - another human strange reaction.

Celia sat crying at her desk this morning while listening to Cat Lullaby a sad song Fred Moolten wrote when a favorite cat had to be euthanized. A web page with the song is http://bluesandfolk.com/catlullaby-sbnv.htm Something about humans means they can't accept death. Celia put a picture of a rainbow and the words of Rainbow Bridge on her website (www.celiahaddon.co.uk) when my predecessor Fat Mog died.
I don't think about death. I live in the day. I do not worry about the future or the past. Odd that human's can't do this. I suppose it is just part of the way they are spiritually less evolved beings.


  1. Very true - they are spiritually less present - I try to set an example for my humans ex: they returned from holiday on friday mowed the lawn and set out all the garden furniture for a party on sunday - it was sunny and lovely and peaceful in the garden but did anyone sit and relax? No. Well I did. Opus 2 did. We took a chair each. Well, I took the lounger actually, I need to stretch out. All day saturday seemed to be taken up with gardening. Then sunday they all ran about getting over excited playing boules - they did come into the garden to eat but then they were off again. I lay on my back possessed by the comfort and relaxation, the warmth of the sun on my fur, an immediate example of how living in the present is rich, fulfilling, centred, peaceful. What is that phrase my human loves but never adheres to? '..Living within listening distance of the silence we call God...' You can only do that if you live inside yourself - we cats do - we know what where and who we are - at least I do!

  2. What's death? Obviously its never going to happen to me. I think that's more for mice and birds. My human went all teary at the first words then had to stop reading when it got to the bowl bit in case the people at work thought she was bonkers. She's the one who is neurotic, needy but loving. Although I do like sitting on her and being told I'm beautiful, especially if there's a newspaper in between, i'm keen on them for sitting on. Humans just seem to stare at them, strange...

  3. I don't get it either. I've off for my morning nap. Cherro!

    My human found Celia's website, she said she would like to leave a comment on there, but couldn't find a way. Oh well. She'll get over it.

    I might need to come visit. I overheard my human say we are having GUESTS next week! Oh no, I will have to plot my escape. HELP!


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