Friday, January 14, 2022

Why I bit you.....

Dear Human, 

Yes, I normally like being stroked by you. Indeed, I choose to sleep on your lap sometimes. But yesterday I bit you. Want to know why? There are several possible reasons. 

  •  I bit you, because I am frightened of you.
  • I bit you because you went on petting me too long. I mean I like to be petted and stroked for a few minutes but not seemed like hours. So I gave you a little warning.
  • I bit you because you touched my tummy. You know I don't like my tummy being touched.
  • I bit you because you touched my shoulder, where there is a hidden abcess that HURTS. Do something.
  • I bit you, because you interfered with a cat fight. That was not a good idea.
  • I bit you because I was furious with the neighbour cat that I could see out of the window, and then you picked me up from the window sill. So I bit you instead of that cat.
  • I bit you because I am in pain. I am old, cranky and got awful arthritis. No it is not just old age. I need painkillers.
  • I bit you because I want to hunt mice and you are the next best thing. I was hunting you and it was good fun. For me.
  • I gave you just a teeny weeny nip to remind you that it is time I was fed. See to it.


  1. So many meanings, so much misunderstanding from one small act, and such diversity. No wonder humans get confused.

  2. Lots of reasons and every one of them is forgivable.


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