Sunday, January 02, 2022

Mew Year resolution - save a difficult cat


Now is the time when we cats make resolutions for our humans. Purrlease do something..... and this year I want to ask humans to adopt difficult cats.

Brody is one of the cats waiting for a home who may have to wait a long time. He is a hands-off cat, because he both bites and scratches humans who get too close.

Quite a few cats will let a human pet them for a few seconds, then scratch. But Brody has decided to get in early and do it before he is touched. 

He has been in a home and enjoyed the warmth and comfort, though not the human contact. So it seems a bit hard to just give him a home in a barn or stables even with regular meals.

Yet he cannot go into a home with young children or with any adults that are elderly, ill or have immunity issues. His biting and scratching might mean that they become seriously hurt.

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  1. Being a barn cat does not mean there is no warmth or comfort. Most farmers appreciate their barn cats as they keep the rodents out of the grain and other animal feed. Race horses often have a cat "living" with them because the cats help calm the horse. So if Brody really does not want human contact, it isn't cruel - it beats putting him in a shelter to sit in a cage = or worse.


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