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Friday, January 10, 2020

Radiators versus woodburners

This time of year heat is vital to stop cats shivering through the winter. Blow-heaters ruffle the fur unpleasantly. Electric fires usually give out heat above the carpet. Radiators and wood burning stoves are more acceptable.
Both have advantages and disadvantages.
Radiators allow one to soak up heat through the belly by lying underneath. Oddly enough, humans never do this and therefore they have designed radiators that are too small for lying-down humans. Radiators, however, are the ideal size for cats.
There is one major problem. They stop working at night when it is coldest and mean minded humans also turn them off during the day, while they are "at work." No wonder so many of us stroll down the road looking for a human that keeps the heat on all day.
Wood burners are usually lighted up only in the evenings, when our humans return. But even when no more wood is added, they stay warm for hours right into the early morning. They also make interactive TV for kittens like Blossom (above).
Ideal homes, like mine, have both.

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  1. Well, we are embarrassed - we don't have either … but we do have portable radiators, does that count?

  2. Didn't you guys hear about "central heating"? Or maybe it's not available across the pond? That's the perfect heating system - heat "on" at all times plus I can sleep on top of the vent ...if I want more heat! Purrrrssss, Leo

    1. Alas, Leo, my human is trying to save the world by keeping her central heating low. Such a ridiculous bit of human thinking.

  3. I live in the countryside in Northern Italy and we have Terracotta stoves in every room! They are built tall and have a small landing on a side (to store the wood) but this is my ideal spot to sleep on (my humans store the wood now on the floor in front of the stove)! Sweet dreams :-) Cara

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