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Saturday, August 03, 2019

The cats that helped....

It is time to retire, to relax and do more sleeping. I started this blog the best part of 12 years ago when I was a kitten. I had loads of energy then, but now I find I am getting tired. My arthritis is playing up too.
Fluffy and Cayenne relaxing
I did not write this blog on my own. It was written with the help of three friends Fluffy, Cayenne and Chico and typed by Michelle Schulder of Canada. She also typed in letters by many other Canadian cats, and I cannot thank her enough.  As humans go, she is one of the best - even if that is not saying much!
Nephew George (his photo is above) will be introducing himself next week and is already busy at the word processor. Because of human interference with my sex life, George is my nearest relative. He has worked very hard to get proper qualifications and is an author in his own right -- but that is for him to tell you next week.

Goodbye all my readers. I shall be doing some hard sleep work, dreaming of mice rather than letters.


  1. Dear George & Celia,
    Heartfelt thanks from me, my rescued boy, Chico and my late fur-babies, Fluffy & Cayenne for allowing us to be part of your life! We had so much fun and we are forever grateful!
    Also, on behalf of the many cats (too many to name or count) who used me, a mere human, as their "duly secretary" I'd like to thank you for allowing them to share their worries, questions or fun stories! I'm sure other felines and their humans learned a lot from your wisdom & wise advice given over the years!
    We wish you a happy retirement with many relaxing moments and many restful naps!
    We'll be friends fur-ever!
    We wish your nephew, George II much success as he takes over!
    With much love, hugs & purrs
    Michelle & the gang

  2. Thank you so much for all your years of sharing ! We only found you within the past year, but have enjoyed you very much. Enjoy your retirement ! We look forward to hearing from George II. Purrs !


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