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Saturday, July 27, 2019

Of mice, moonlight and Colin Firth

Dear George,
I’m thinking of becoming a magician! Do you know of any cats that turned magicians?
Last night I’ve watched with my mommy “Magic in the moonlight”. I loved the movie!
I love Colin Firth (hope you like him too)
Anyway, in the movie, right in the beginning, he makes a whole elephant to disappear!
Wow! Just like this - magic! I’ve got hooked on the movie and the tricks performed by world magicians! So, I was thinking to perform a magician’s trick for my mummy’s birthday entitled “Mouse on a run in the moonlight” I have the “moon” as you can see in the photo attached and I know the trick to get the mouse in! 
But, how do I make it stay inside that light globe and run like a guinea pig on a treadmill? That’s where I need your help! What do you think? Can we make it work?
With much appreciation

Dear Gizmo,
First catch your mouse! Then kill it. I don't think it will stay in that beautiful moon, whatever you do, if it is still alive. It will drop or leap out. And then you have a living mouse on the floor running around the house - something which scares human beings. 
They are a fearful species when it comes to rodents. They don't catch them. They don't eat them. And when we try to help out by bringing one in the house, they often stand on chairs shrieking. Now this is fun for us, but apparently not for them.
So, anything involving a mouse, will not work for a human.
PS. My nephew, George 11 (see right photo),  is trying very hard to learn how to type with his paws. Readers will learn why next week. And also why the photo at the top has changed. 


  1. George, can't wait to see what you are up to! Your nephew is cute but, what if he can't learn to type? Will Celia help?

  2. Oh! I loved that movie! We love Colin Firth too :-)

  3. CAT VictoriaJuly 28, 2019

    George, where are you going? Now that I just finished writing a letter for next week & it's not going to be posted? Hmmm? What's going on? Hope all is good!
    CAT Victoria

  4. No matter what...a dead mouse is not as funny as a live one! Gizmo, you need to come up with another trick! But, I love your idea!

  5. Carla, the tuxedo catAugust 01, 2019

    George, don't tell us you are replacing Celia with George II! Have you finally had enough of her shenanigans? Oh boy, now I can't wait for Saturday :-)
    Carla, the tuxedo cat

  6. I find George II quite good looking! Handsome & distinguished for a young tomcat:-))) Hmm! Hmm! Hmm! George, do you think George II is better looking than Celia?

  7. George, given the mystery of this situation let me ask you one question: can I borrower Celia for my office work? I know she slacks a lot on her duties but I just need few hours here and there! Think about and let me know! Wishing you the best always!

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