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Monday, November 05, 2018

Camping for cats....

Dear George, 
After reading other cats’ letters posted on your blog about surfing, hiking, fishing, cat scanning the neighbourhood, etc. I decided I’d go…camping! Thought it would be soooo cool for a cat to go…. camping! Anyway, my plan came true but only half! 
When my human pets heard about my plan they were in total shock and decided: “noooo way Jose”! That’s what they said! Well, I was a bit confused since my name is Jasper not Jose but I blamed their lapse of memory on their mental shock! Never thought I could disturb my humans’ logic so bad by just voicing my desire to go camping! I still don’t understand what’s wrong with camping but, at least they came up with a solution! 
They bought me a little tent so I can go …..camping in my backyard! I know it not the same like camping into the woods but being in my backyard is not that bad either. Mummy tried to scare me with the many dangers lurking out into the woods but I didn’t believe her! Anyway, I got my tent but now I have another problem! My brother Riley doesn’t understand that the tent is mine. He constantly keep sneaking in. Mummy bought him his own tent but, still …he’s all the time into mine (see the photo attached); the worst of it? We end up fighting! 
George, how do I make him understand that he got his own tent?
In desperation  

Dear Jasper,
I can see that you don't look too happy by the backward position of your ears. It's a really difficult dilemma. My advice is not to let your human get involved.... if they interfere it may make things worse. Humans think it is natural to share: cats don't share except with very special friends (which presumably Riley is not).
My suggestion - a very tentative one - is that immediately Riley comes into your tent, you leave and take up position in his tent. This is worth a try.  If he takes your tent and stays there, you can take his tent and make it properly yours.  Though he might just follow you again into his tent....
If that happens just leave both of them to him and find a nicer place - like a heap of clean laundry.


  1. Love the tent and the advice!

  2. I really like the idea! Jasper, did you purchase the tent online or in a pet store?

  3. After moving to the countryside Mommy learned how to make a tent from a book! I have by now about 3 or 4 tents (indoor and outdoor.
    Country life is good :-)

  4. Jasper which one is you? The tabby or the redhair? Interesting to know since George has made some comments about the tabby! Hmm!

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