Saturday, October 27, 2018

Black Cat Day - Black Cats Matter.

Dear George,
Nobody wants us because we are black. It's a terrible example of human discrimination. What is wrong with black?
The other kittens, both tabby, found a home, but we didn't. How are we going to make humans understand that black cats are just as lovely as white ones, or tabbies, or gingers.
Please help educate humans.
Geraldine and Gerald.

Dear Brother Kittens,
We black cats need to solidarity with each other. We deserve the same love and care as any other cats. 
A human told me a horrible story about an American cat "rescue" shelter. Every Halloween stray black cats were handed into the shelter to "save" them from being thrown on to Halloween bonfires. And every year, because so few people wanted black cats, they were just euthanased. They would have been better off on the streets.
Don't let this happen. Black cats matter too. Please spread the message.


  1. It bothers us so much that black cats aren't respected. We worry so much about them around Halloween.

  2. Black Cats Rock! Hooray for Black Cat Day - Black Cats Matter!

  3. George, you must not believe everything you read. We are celebrating Black Cat Day and since one day isn't enough created Black Cat Awareness Month. Our nonprofit book Black Cats tell All promotes black cat adoption. Our blog post today is a bit blue though.

  4. We love black kitties. In my lifetime so far we owned mostly black cats and they were just balls of fun. Black Cat Day is a day we will celebrated here today. Thanks for the share. Have a wonderful weekend.
    World of Animals

  5. I am a black and white kitty. One of the kitties that came before me was all black. We rule!
    We don't understand the discrimination against black kitties. We are just as cute and loveable as any other kittens!

  6. I love black cats. 4 of my 13 cats are black :)

  7. Wishing everyone a Happy Black Cats' Day! Here is an article about how black cats bring good luck!

  8. All cats matter but you two are so cute :-)
    Great post George! Thanks

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