Saturday, December 02, 2017

Seductive charm is the way to a forever home.

Dear George, 
I’m trying to find a forever home and I need your advice.
I won’t bother you with the details of my life but, you need to know that I’m in a foster home right now. This would be my second foster home and I would very much like this one to become my permanent home. I like my foster human too – he’s quiet! At times he seems to be grumpy but I know he’s not! He is kind and generous! I believe he had cats before because I can still smell them. He doesn’t think I’m a good fit in his life right now but I know he likes me! He travels summertime and he worries as he doesn’t know what to do with me! George, how can I tell him that I’m OK to go for a month or two in a cattery or one of his friends’ house if I’ll be with him for the remaining 10 -11 months of the year? I really like him! I’m happy here! 
With thanks,

Dear Petrushka,
Foster homes can become forever homes, if a cat plays her cards right! But be careful what you wish for. If he really is away from home for several weeks, you might not enjoy being in a cattery for that length of time. Of course, if there is a partner or a best friend who could help out by boarding you, that would be great. Many cats have two homes - an official one and the one down the street where the people give him a second breakfast.
To turn a temporary home into a permanent one requires you to exercise all your charms. Purr at him frequently. Roll on your back and when he tickles your tummy, do not scratch (always tempting, I admit). Practice little loving looks with your head on one side. Jump on his lap and knead - gently.
Greet him with your tail up when he comes home from work. Watch TV with him. Play with his newspaper. Sleep on the bed with him purring regularly and quietly to help him go off to sleep. You know the score. Seduce him with charm. Make him love you. It's what we do when we want something.


  1. Real men love cats! check Cole's & Marmalade's webpage if you are convinced yet!

  2. Carla, the tuxedo catDecember 03, 2017

    Petrushka, I'm sure your foster daddy is capable of love! Charm him :-)
    Just activate the "purring" and "little kisses" when you two are together!
    Carla, the tuxedo cat

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  4. Purr, purr, purr and purr some more! Little kisses help too!
    You are in your forever home already :-)

  5. My cats didn't use any charms. They scratch and bite me constantly and wouldn't let me touch them till they got used to me. One of my three feral cats wouldn't let me scratch or pat her head up to this day, after two or three years of living in my house!

    Yet they still got to stay.

    Maybe, with some pathetic humans (such as myself), instead of using her charms, a cat can simply say, "Hey, human, I'm here, and I have no intention of going anywhere. Get used to it."

    Humans need a firm paw. They need to be put in their places. Just because you pay the bills, doesn't mean you get to decide who stays and who doesn't. Then again, some humans are more submissive than others.


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