Saturday, September 05, 2015

The big career decision - free as a feral or adopting a human.

Dear George,
I am facing a big decision. Shall I adopt a human or just live a human-free life? I was born in a factory with three brothers and sisters. Our mother vanished and we were taken into care by Sunshine Cat Rescue. The other three were neutered and spayed and will probably go on to lead a life free of humans. I was too ill.
You know what happened next, George, as I am living in a room in the house belonging to Tilly and Toby. Celia is trying to purrsuade me that my future is to adopt a human. She has been feeding me by hand, slowly accustoming me to her touch and, really, I quite like her. If I could adopt her, I probably would. 
You can see my experience on YouTube here. There are videos showing my progress in the new life. At first I couldn't stop hissing and hiding from her: now I have got used to her.
But as you know, Toby is bored with me and Tilly is sheer plumb disgusted. So if I choose a career as a pet, I will have to adopt a new human. I have been spayed, so if I live as a feral cat I shall not be worn out with kitten bearing. It's difficult to decide. What are the pros and cons, George.
Yours undecided,
Abby the Tabby.

Dear Abby,
It's a no brainer.  You adopt a human and you get free catfood for life, excellent medical care, and a devoted servant. There is central heating all the time, a very large bed (which admittedly you will have to share with your human), and if you are lucky a cat flap. So you won't have to give up hunting and you will have many happy hours training your human.
Of course, there is a downside. You won't have a sex life, but that would be true for you even if you did decide on the free feral life. Life with a human can be boring, but that is only if you don't have the imagination to make them more active. Agility training for humans, purrsuading them to play games with you, is good for mental and physical health, both for you and for your pet.
So that is the way you should go. That was my career choice and I have never regretted it.
Yours solemnly


  1. Of course, I have never lived out in the wild so I've never experienced being a feral cat firsthand, but I can't see why why any kitty wouldn't want to live with humans and be worshipped and cared for all the time! Great advice, George.

  2. So lovely to see you join the Cat Blogosphere! We're long time fans of you, dear George and Celia.

  3. We agree, great advice George. We have several feral cats living here and they are very happy. Some of them even live outside and have a great life. We hope you found a great home. Have a wonderful Sunday.

  4. Dear Abby, while wilderness is very are much safer with a well trained human. George is right again.
    If I were you I would properly trained Celia and make her home mine! I assure you ...she can be fun :-)))
    Plus.....she really needs proper training as George loves her too much to seriously train her!

  5. You look so cute! Adopt a good human.

  6. I'm curious what you decide. Maybe the best of both worlds, being an indoor/outdoor cat on a farm?


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