Saturday, January 07, 2012

Black, beautiful and very very rich......

Dear George,

I think I’m in love! I KNOW I’m in love! No, not with my so called boyfriend who only comes in for food and eats everything, my food, his food and whatever else he finds. (I know he’s using me just for food but I’m happy I can feed a hungry cat).

Well, I’m in love with Tommaso, the millionaire cat! It took me one look at him and I knew I’m in love. He is by now famous and the richest cat in the world but that’s not the reason I love him even if $13 millions he inherited won’t hurt me, right? Or the houses in Rome, Milan or Calabria! I don’t know how to clip his photo from internet but you’ll find him through Google and see for yourself how handsome he is.

He was rescued as a back alley cat in Rome. He is 4 and black! He looks exactly like you George but I know you won’t ever leave Celia for me! So, I think I’ll give my heart to Tommaso for now (but let me know if you ever change your mind regarding Celia, of course). I want to send Tommaso a note to see if he shares my feelings. I feel bold and wild and I want to impress him! So my dear George, how can I impress a handsome cat?


CAT Victoria

Dear Victoria,

I so approve of your choice. Not because of his money but because of his dark and handsome looks. We black cats are, all of us, handsome as hell. Dark as the devil with angelic hearts. I found this photo of him on the web and have posted it here though I am not sure if it is really him. Can those dollar signs in his eyes be for real? You can read more about him here.

Getting a note to him is going to be difficult. We cats communicate by smell so somehow you have got to send him an item that smells of you - a half-chewed catnip mouse, a little piece of your bedding, or just a little tuft of fur! I am not a sophisticat, so I just don't know how to find out his address. The richer they are, the more difficult they are to contact in my experience.

Doesn't he look gorgeous. And what a wonderful life story - found on the street and then loved so much that his pet human left him her fortune. There is a human I would like to know. She must have had a loving heart to get a street cat rather than a pedigree. Wish there were more like her. We black cats are often the last to be chosen for adoption. Maybe Tomasso's example will inspire others to offer black cats a home.

In the meantime, Victoria, it's good to have a dream. Purr yourself to sleep in this new year with the thought of those deep golden eyes, that sleek black coat, and that dark black nose and those wonderful long black whiskers.....

Love George

PS. Thank you for the comment about his eyes. Yes, they do look green but the green is the dollar signs and behind is golden, I think. Or maybe just a paler shade of green. Not sure.


  1. Victoria, were you looking for love on the internet? are first and only cat to use a dating service:-)

  2. Not as handsome as you George but I love that $$$ sign in his eyes!

  3. I'm not rich but I'm black and handsome! And veeeerrrrry available!

  4. Hm! How to contact him? May be a post/note in Corriere Della Sera?
    Or, better yet, in Oggi?
    The magazine is full of (rich and famous) gossip :-)

  5. Beautiful story! I wish all alley, homeless cats find a loving house (even if not that rich in $)

  6. CAT Victoria, call me privately to discuss few ideas! Since I'm so much into "Fur Shui" I might be able to tell you how to enhance your "relationship" corner:-)
    May be I should send George a letter on this topic!

  7. Victoria, brilliant choice! Send him some treats and a whisker (Agh! painful but worthy) and I bet you'll hear back from him :-)

  8. I just hope we are not going to watch some version of "The Bachelor" now with all you ladies in line to get his attention! My (unsolicited) advice? Leave the guy alone! If he spent part of his life on the streets of Rome ....he's "been there, done that"!

  9. Er, George, how is your colour vision? Those eyes look distinctly green to me.

    And where is the snow this year?




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