Saturday, August 13, 2011

Black IS beautiful.

Hi George,
We are two happy go lucky kittens currently in the care of West Oxfordshire Cats Protection. Our brother Arnie has been adopted. So has our sister Annie. We are the two left over kittens, and as you can see we are growing up fast. Why does nobody want us? We are just as funny and loving and playful as Arnie or Annie, yet we've been left on the shelf.
There are other kittens that are looking for homes - Midnight, Leon, Sammikins, Cecil, Cora, Carissa, Nora , Ozzie, Ollie and Oscar. They look just like us. You can see them on the WOCP

Millie and Lottie

Dear Millie and Lottie,
You've been left on the shelf because you are black. A disgraceful form of colour prejudice still exists in the feline world. People choose lig
ht coloured cats, tabbies, naughy torties and even black and white cats before they adopt black cats. But August 17th is going to be Black Cat Appreciation Day on Facebook. I would like anybody who is reading this to take a look at this Facebook page.
As well as 11 black kittens waiting for adoption (and some more on the way), WOCP has two mature black cats looking for homes - Ella and Pepsi. T
hey are black too and the odds are that they will be longer in the cat chalet than the tabbies, or torties, or even greys. It is so unfair.
Black is Beautiful. I am putting some photos of black cats that have been homed by WOCP below my signature. Starting at the bottom, there's Jasmine, a lady of mature years, then little Moth playing inside a cardboard box, Raven looking doubtfully at the camera, and elegant Holly examining a log. At the top is the photo of you two kittens Lottie and Milly sharing a joke.
About the stupid prejudice of humans perhaps.
Just take a look below. Black cats are lovely. Tho
ugh none so quite so handsome as me.


  1. Fluffy and CayenneAugust 17, 2011

    Yes! BLACK IS BEAUTIFUL! ABSOLUTELY! We love black cats. Wish people be more open minded and intelligent so they would put aside prejudice and superstition. Wish all black cats find their forever homes.
    Fluffy & Cayenne

    PS. Hey, where is everybody? Vacation?

  2. Of course black cats are beautiful. Look at me (in a older letter) Gorgeous!
    Wishing these kitten loving humans and loving homes rather sooner then later.

  3. No cat should be left behind regardless of color. Black is as beautiful as any other color; maybe more enigmatic but beautiful

  4. Wow! These kittens are really beautiful. Hope my human will read this letter and he'll consider a black beauty, I mean buddy for me :-)

  5. Millie & Lottie, you look super! I like the big laugh! All cats are beautiful and black is no different.

  6. George, I think your human would be the perfect one to take these two beauties. Black cats are wonderful. My Tar Baby was sold black, just like you. So, tell your human/secretary she is the perfect candidate to take Millie and Lottie.

  7. ABSOLUTELY! Celia will be the perfect human to adopt Millie & Lottie! George, that's your revenge! Make her adopt them and see if she can still get away with murder :-)

  8. I was rescued from the streets when I was about 4 weeks old! I wish all cats and kittens find good and loving homes. Shelters are better then living on the streets but we never know what's going to happen if you are not adopted. Too sad and too scary. Hope humans will open their heart and adopt.

  9. Black cats rock the world. Apes are so dumb to be prejudiced about the colour of animals, they are even prejudiced against the colours of their own silly species. This is why cats are superior. Especially black cats

    Luff from Gerry
    (black but tinged with sundried red)

    and Oliver (I have some black bits honest!)


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