Friday, March 05, 2010

Vroom, vroom...

Dear George,

Yes! I know! I know! I hear you! I should be in a carrier while traveling! You are absolutely right! But I LOVE to ride a car! I didn’t know until we went to visit my

cousin Tzila. My mom was very much concerned about me being in a car for almost 6 hours and wanted to give me some pills to sleep. She was advised not to!

Instead she placed me in a carrier with toys and catnip and everything else, but once in the car I wanted out of that cage! I cried and cried until she let me out! And…to everybody’s surprise…..we discovered that I love to travel. I wished they had a small steering wheel just for me! I was SO ready for this….either driving or resting as you can see in the photos attached. George, even if you are not entertaining my idea of fun, I want your sincere opinion. Giving the fact that I love cars, I like speed, I love driving….do you think I should contact Ferrari or team-up with Schumaher?

Did you hear about other cats involved in Formula 1?

Love cruising


Dear Thea,
I am so impressed. In fact, I am dead envious. Most of us cats are absolutely terrified in the car and we just huddle in our cat boxes. I particularly like the way you have hung a cross to give you some protection. I am sure God takes special care of cats in cars, just like he notes the fall of a sparrow. I hope to see you on Top Gear, the UK motoring programme soon. I think you are a Ferrari girl at heart - that Italian style!
I am going to be a bit of a spoil sport, however, and tell you what happened to Fat Ada my predecessor - all the fault of my other caretaker, Ronnie. She was free in the car as he drove down a small Somerset lane. Unfortunately a particularly dizzy female driver coming in the opposite direction, scraped Ronnie's car. He lost his temper and leaped out of the car to give her a piece of his mind.
Ada leaped out too and disappeared into the hedge. Ronnie couldn't see her at all. But every five minutes or so he heard her give a plaintive and very frightened miaow. He tried burrowing into the hedge to look for her, knowing that Celia would never forgive him if he lost her altogether. No results except that bramble thorns tore at his bald patch. Then he tried calling her - even less of a result. Ada never came when called. She was almost semi-feral and took no notice of him and only a tiny bit of notice of Celia.
Finally down the road came an old couple with a Jack Russell terrier on a lead. "I'm looking for a cat" explained Ronnie. "Us'll sniff urn out," he said pointing the terrier in the direction of the hedge. And so it did. Ronnie burrowed back into the direction the terrier's nose had pointed, grabbed Ada who was (luckily) frozen immobile with fear, and put her back in the car.
Celia arrived two hours later and found both of them pick thorns out of their bodies. A narrow escape.
Love George
PS. Wonderful photos.


  1. Now.... we have Danica Patrick of cats!
    Pinch me to make sure I'm not dreaming!

  2. Sir WinstonMarch 06, 2010

    WOW! I'm impressed Thea.
    When I'm in the car I'm always in a carrier...and tell you the truth....I feel safer this way. But, my dear, you are probably very yound and, no doubt, talented!
    Sir Winston

  3. A cat racing? Amazing!
    I'm so afraid of cars after living on the streets for a year that I don't even want to hear about them.
    You are brave Thea! And cute :-)

  4. I ENVY YOU Thea! I love cars and I like speeding too but, lately the traffic is so terrible were we live that our humans think it's better for us not to be in the car too often.

  5. Ah! I don't like being in a car at all!
    Fluffy does but not me! When I'm in a car I just sit on my mommy's lap....paralized by fear while Fluffy is everywhere.....enjoying the ride! Good for you Thea (I don't envy you):-)

  6. Thea, team-up with Ferrari!
    You would look good in a red Ferrari :-)

  7. Team-up with Fernando Alonso not Schumi!

  8. Crikey Thea! You would make a wonderful addition to Top Gear. On the longest car journey I had to make (160 miles) to move here, I was put in a large cage with litter and blankies. I could stand up, move about and see out of the windows too! I think you are very brave.

    Whicky Wuudler

  9. Oscar Snuggles never did like to ride. He did like to explore the inside of the car as long as it wasn't moving.

  10. I wished they had a small steering wheel just for me!

    So funny! :-D You (Thea) really look like you could've used one in that second picture there! Good for you! Go SpeedRacer! :-D

  11. Puss-Puss.March 12, 2010

    Dear Thea,

    I envy you. Your excitement at riding in a car--riding in a CAR, I say--shows a feline sangfroid that most of us can only aspire to. My most recent experience in a car was yesterday, when I was taken to the vet for my annual physical. Let us say that the ride did not go well. I made sure that my staff was well aware of my displeasure, the whole ride to the vet, and the whole ride back. The tuna-flavored Pounce I was fed as a bribe was some compensation for my distress, but I cannot be bought. I am glad you enjoy tearing about, but I will take my sunny window over a car ride, any day.

    Perhaps YOU are the Stig?



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