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Saturday, December 12, 2009

La Dolce Vita - the amazing joy and awe of being rescued

Dear George,
I'm one lucky cat who got "to live" not one but two of the late Maestro Frederico Fellini's movies. Well, my life started with my mom being an alley cat. She was rescued by a good woman, Adriana, who took her in her house. My mom was pregnant and had three kittens. Adriana (who already had three cats of her own) kept us until we were eight weeks old. She found each of us new homes. I know she liked me the best.
Anyway, I ended up with a family that kicked me out when I was no longer a kitten (about one year old). I survived for almost a year (and a bloody cold winter) on the streets. Somehow Adriana found out about this and asked the family that adopted me to bring me back to her. Here I was once again in Adriana's house! And once again she was looking to find a good home for me. Right on my 2nd birthday I was adopted by Rita-Mae and Francesco. They were my "angels' - what a wonderful birthday gift!
Oh! I forgot to tell you that my name was Freddy! When Francesco first saw me he said 'We'll take the cat but his name will be Frederico." Destiny! What better birthday gift .?
And so began my "Dolce Vita". I spend most of my time in "dolce far niente"!
First thing in the morning I bite Rita'Mae's toes so she''ll "wake up and serve me breakfast. Later, I read the newspapers with Francesco. Then ... I watch the birds, cars, and all the crazy things you can see outside. Sometimes... I play with Tutu - the house rabbit.
George, isn't this amazing? Quite a journey from "La Strada" to "La Dolce Vita", from "Freddy to Frederico". Do you think I might have a karmic link with Maestro Fellini?
In awe

Dear Frederico (formerly Freddy),
Your journey from suffering to happiness, from pain to pleasure, from human cruelty to human love,
is awesome. That journey is wonderful for all of us rescued cats. At Christmas I think of Lou ( who took me in as an orphaned kitten, bottle fed me, and gave me a happy home. I also remember all those poor cats on the street (at this time of year in dire straits because of the cold) who need human angels like Adriana.
I looked up the karmic link idea on the web and it says it is metaphysical attraction between different souls, according to their karma. So it is often a kind of link of love that attracts people. I think I have a karmic link to Lou. I hope I don't have a link to the cruel person who thrust my mother out into the cold when she was pregnant. It must be great to have a karmic link to Maestro Fellini, maker of great films. Pity that he is on the other side. We could do with a really really good film about cats - not one where the cat is the baddy.
Dolce far niente is my motto too, with one exception which is hunting. But when the weather is heavy rain and wind, as it often is in the UK, my day goes something like this - woke up, eat food out of bowl, nap, eat food out of bowl, nap, investigate flies on the window, nap, eat food out of bowl, nap.... Of course, if it is a dry cold day I am out there hunting, checking my territory for any change, sniffing at the rabbit poo, seeing if any mice are around. After hunting, I nap and nap well.
Christmas -- I hope there is not going to be any silliness about putting a Christmas hat on me, like some years. I don't appreciate this human stupidity!
Love George.

PS. My housekeeper/butler/cook is back. Keeps talking about statistics. That woman has no sense at all.


  1. Dear Frederico,
    I'm impressed by your story!
    I wish all cats in need be as lucky as you and find a good home!

  2. Frederico,
    Are you thinking of making any movie in the near future? Let me know if you need an actress (something like Sophia Loren) - I'm available!

  3. Dear George,
    The story of Frederico is very inspiring!
    Bravo for posting it.

    PS. I'm a bit worry about Celia!
    Statistics? BORING!!! What is she thinking of?

  4. Frederico,
    You are one handsome cat!
    Come to visit! We can hunt together :-)

  5. Frederico, I know how you feel!
    I'm a rescued cat too.
    Life can be beautiful sometimes for some of us.
    I'm always thinking of the ones that are not that lucky.
    Enjoy your Dolce Vita

  6. Dear Frederico,

    What a lovely story, and with a happy...ending? No, because it's just a happy beginning. As a rescue myself (or as I prefer to think of it, A Queen in Exile Who Has Come to Reclaim Her Throne), I cannot help but think of all of the other cats, currently living in exile on the streets who need human love and compassion. Please remind your lovely humans not to forget about these. Especially now, in the cold and snow (well, it is cold here, which I object to), if your humans can donate time, or food, or blankets, or failing that, money, to the shelter of their choice, it can go a long way toward relieving the misery of these our brothers and sisters in exile. Enjoy your dolce vita! Maybe you can express your gratitude toward your humans by shredding their curtains. Trust me--they'll love it!


  7. Oh, Tutu! Are you happy having your nose put out of joint by a cat? Have you set down house rules? Have you bitten its nose to make sure it knows who is the primary loved one? I would like to know how you are maintaining the upper paw.
    Yours worriedly,
    Harvey the house rabbit.


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