Thursday, April 23, 2009

Ideas for things to do in the kitchen

Dear George,
I spend a lot of time in the kitchen. In the winter here in the UK it is the warmest place in the house. I'm really a little feline homebody. It is also - obviously - the best place to be when food is being prepared. Luckily my owner doesn't worry about stopping me going on the food preparation areas. My main enjoyments are a) vacuuming up any fragments of food, b) enjoying the warmth of the Aga, c) making sure I know what is going on in the house (most action takes place in the kitchen). What else could I be doing.
Baby the Birman

Dear Baby,
Me too. Love the kitchen. Warmth and food. But I think you are being a bit unimaginative. Here are some ideas on how to enjoy it even more.
1. Use the sink. Have you looked at It's an idiotic website but strangely alluring. I particularly enjoy the photos of two cats trying to cram into the one sink. I put my picture into it but I have never seen it come up as I trawl through. This website shows that sinks are a nice place to sleep. But they are also good for games with water. Study the drips. Intercept them with your paw. Or just refuse to drink except from a running tap.
2. Take an interest in food preparation. The cutting board is of particular interest. After your human has cut up fish or meat, take a look There's usually just enough left there to lick up a few tasty fragments. Try to intervene before she washes it. Hygeine interferes with our enjoyment.
3. The kitchen table. If your human entertains in her kitchen, as now many do, it's fun to embarass her by jumping up in the middle of a meal. "She's not allowed to do this," your human will say - often a blatant lie. I sit next to my human when she is eating, and see if I cannot deflect a fork full of food from her mouth to mine! Sometimes works. Especially if I make her laugh.
4. The kitchen windowsill. That's usually a good place to look out. Useful for indoor-only cats.
Got to dash. I can hear lunch being prepared... I hope other cats will come up with more ideas


  1. Oh, we can think of a LOT of things to do in the kitchen! Here's our list:

    Jump on the counter right in front of the microwave and watch the food go around until you get dizzy.

    If the human leaves a bag of chips, jerky, etc., open on the counter, stick your head in and slobber on everything. Sometimes you can even tip the bag back and spill it, or wear it on your head (the most effective way to spill the contents).

    If there is something in the oven, station yourself in front and don't move until it's done cooking. Be prepared to wait an hour for some things. Yowl the whole time, or give your human the icy stare.

    Try to get inside the dishwasher, refrigerator, cupboards, etc.

    Learn to open the lower cupboard doors, then curl up with the pots and pans.

  2. Oh, we can't think of a lot to do in the kitchen since ...each time our humans are there...they "cook" something for us, so we (me and my sister) try to behave :-)
    We do stay "still" watching them preparing our fish or whatever they cook for us. Even if they cook their veggies...we still wait quietly there, so they have to give us at least our fresh wild salmon.

  3. I can think of a million + things to do in the kitchen!
    For one soon as I see them cooking or baking ...I pretend that I want to walk across the stove. I really enjoy watching my female human getting all "worried and crazy" that "I might get burned" walking on top of the stove.
    CAN you believe that humans are so silly? How could I possible hurt myself?

  4. Sir WinstonApril 29, 2009

    Well, I didn't think yet of things I can do in the kitchen since I still have problems with "relocating" my male human in the basement.
    He has this fixed idea that the king size bed is his.
    I know he likes to, may be I'll move the stove in the basement...and hopefully he'll feel "at home" there and never claim the master bedroom again :-)
    Sir Winston

  5. I'm not allowed on the kitchen counter (food preparation area) period! However, at night I sneak into the kitchen and check out the counter. I think my human are about to catch on to what I've been doing and when they do I in deep trouble. I'm just checking to see if they water in any glasses on the counter, because I really like drinking out of their glasses.

    I do enjoy the kitchen. I have a nice basket with one of my favorite blankets in it and it's right at the heat vent. I can also keep an eye on all the outside activity so I don't miss anything. If it gets too exciting outside I can quickly jump out and run to the door so I can get right in the middle of the activity.

    I alway know when a meal is being served. I have to check out the menu, but my humans eat a lot of veggies and I don't care for them, at all. When they do have some thing really good, like chicken or salmon I always get my share. My female human is the best when it comes to giving me treats.


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