Sunday, January 04, 2009

What will 2009 bring for cats?

Dear George,
It's 2009 and here I am sitting in the Cats Protection main rescue centre - The National Cat Centre, in Kent. For me it's a gloomy outlook. I've lost my home and I don't know when I am going to find a new one. I feel disorientated and stressed out. What will the New Year bring? How am I going to cope?

Dear Pumpkin,
Don't despair. At least you are in the warm and you are getting two meals a day and, best of all, if you are patient you WILL find a new home. Here in the UK we have lots of no-kill shelters that do not put down healthy cats. In the US, where the animal rescue movement is a little behind us, many many cats are just euthanised for lack of a home.
It's much worse for those cats trying to survive on the streets. Or those ones sheltering under the hedges, shivering, who have lost their way in the countryside. Or the cats in towns, who are sheltering in basements, some of them injured from road traffic accidents. Without food. Without warmth. Without human help.
You are a tabby tortoishell and you look beautiful so you will be picked quite early. It's worse for the black cats and the black and white ones that don't look so good. They will have to stay longer. I heard a horrible story about an animal shelter in Ohio where people hand in black cats are Halloween, because they think they will be safer there than on the streets (where they might be used for black magic sacrifices and torture). But 9 out of 10 of these black cats are just euthanised.
Where was I? Well luckily the animal movement bother in the UK and in the USA is working hard on trying to improve the way they find homes. Most of all, they need more animal adopters. The quicker there is a turn-round from unwanted pet to new home, the more animals can be helped. But of course, if they just hand out animals any how, the adoptions may fail. It's quite a dilemma getting it right.
So what do I wish for in 2009? I wish for more people willing to adopt the less attractive cats. Please adopt the ugly ones, the black or black and white moggies, the old, the disabled and the frankly bad tempered. They need help most. Every cat that is given a home from a rescue centre, leaves a pen for a new one. So by adopting a cat, a human is helping two, not one, cats.
Also money helps. With the financial heltdown, all rescues need cash. Cats Protection lost several million pound in the Icelandic Banks disaster. If you can help visit or take a look at my kittenhood home at If you are very, very lucky, your human could adopt a sleek, shining, and intelligent black cat like me.


  1. Good shout out for the ugly, old, disabled and less than perfect cats George. Thank you.

    The definition of the word "healthy" is the word we take issue with...

    We'd be very happy to see the UK's biggest and most well known animal charity stop euthanasing cats for just one sneeze or one bout of diarrhoea. They deny it, but it is happening (locally to us and nationally) Similarly with ferals who are given "two weeks" to tame before being killed. We would like this charity to fund a national campaign for spay/neuter and be as helpful, practical and pro-active as Cats Protection are in this subject area.

    You are right, we need more foster homes and adopters. We need more education about spay/neuter and animal care in general too. It needs to start in primary schools ideally.

    A Happy New Year to all animals everywhere.

    Whicky Wuudler

  2. George, many thanks for your posts!

    Pumpkin, we hope you found a loving home already.
    If not, we wish you find one soon; you are too beautiful not to :-)

    We heard from our Mom that Toronto Humane Society doesn't kill cats.
    Actually they just built a new, more spacious & modern cathouse with green spaces where cats walk, sit, play, etc.

    But, they still have to work (in both Canada & USA)on better laws for animal protection. Some are quite outdated and some....don't even exist! Sad but true.

    We wish all cats to have loving homes and caretakers.

    May 2009 be a better year for everybody, everywhere.
    Fluffy & Cayenne


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