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Saturday, November 22, 2014

Grass for your very own lawn -- a pre Christmas gift for indoor cats

Dear George.
I thought I'd show you my Christmas present from my people.......a U Beaut, fully turfed, indoor lawn!  Excuse the Aussie slang.....can't help it sometimes....
As I may have mentioned before, I am a total indoor cat, albeit with my own personal jungle gym in the form of rafters going up into the ceiling....but no grass. I have, from time to time mentioned this to my staff, and finally they have listened.
Friends have been laying turf around their house, and I have scored the off cuts.  The "garden" tray sits inside a water tray, so that in the heat we are currently enduring*, [particularly me, with the' full on' fur coat] the whole thing stays cool and fresh.
I consider this a stroke of genius from my people, and worthy of a mention on your blog, don't you? 
I have to keep The Dog off it, in case (silly animal that she is), she thinks it's to dig in. Hence it is up on two chairs.
It's  41.5 C  outside, and we are all melting......I even have it in me to feel sorry for the Dog, but not enough to share my lawn...what am I...daft? But I do share it with the wallabies when it grows too high. My people just put it outside and the wallabies mow it down.
I do hope your Christmas includes heaps of paper to be silly with, and a sparkly tree to mess up. This is my favourite time of year...can't wait!
Best Wishes

Dear Chaos,
Love the lawn. Don't even think of letting The Dog near it. This is a rare example of human intelligence (they can more or less think but they just don't most of the time) allied with careful feline training skills. Congratulations. 
Sigh.... Christmas again. I can never decide if I like it or not. On the one hand there are good kitchen treats - turkey trimmings, cream, gravy, butter (left out on the table), and the chance to bat the decorations hanging from the Christmas tree.
On the other hand there are the hazards - humans drinking too much of their liquid catnip substitute, strangers in the home that want to harass you with petting, human-kittens that may want to pull your tail, and a lot of noise from the TV. 
And - horror of horrors, humans who put silly hats on you. What I want for Christmas is turkey, some cat treats like Dreamies, and a nice warm place to sleep away from drunk humans or quarrelling families.... must be great to be in Oz where everywhere is warm.
I catch rabbits here. I'd love to have a crack at the wallabies.


  1. CAT VictoriaNovember 23, 2014

    Well done, Chaos! Congratulations!
    CAT Victoria

    1. Good morning Victoria...where do you live? I am in Australia, in the hot part. [well, it is at the moment]
      It's a great lawn isn't it? I used to have one years ago, but it finally got loved too much and had lovely smelly plants in it too, that my human said was basil and mint. This one's just grass, but I love it
      Great to hear from ypu

  2. I've seen a website of some people in USA who built their house to entertain their cats. Think they had more than 4 and there were trays with grass everywhere. I command them for building a great habitat for cats - double walls, holes in the walls to hide, shelves everywhere, grass, towers, etc.

  3. CAT VictoriaNovember 27, 2014

    My dear Chaos, I'm far, far away, on a different the cold spot (at the moment)
    I would love to live somewhere closer to you but, maybe you'll come to visit; I have a big, beautiful backyard, lots of lowers and plants and the big tree where I landed a while ago on Victoria's Day (hence the name...but, I'm Royalty for sure). The housekeepers adopted me :-)
    Love & hugs
    CAT Victoria

  4. You look cool! Yes, George is right - keep the dog away

  5. Chaos, can you eat the grass too or it's just to cool down?
    I like to eat grass but I have no teeth.

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