Saturday, September 30, 2023

I am not a vegan....


Stupid, stupid humans! A ridiculous bit of "scientific" research says cats are healthier on a vegan diet... though the statistics themselves say nothing of the kind.

We are not vegans. We are carnivores. We have to eat meat to stay healthy. What is more we are totally carnivorous - obligate carnivores. Unlike humans who are omnivores and can live on a vegan diet as long as they take supplements.

What do we cats have to do to make humans stop being so silly. We need meat. We enjoy meat. Food matters to us. We will slowly sicken and die if we don't get what our body needs.

Humans, don't believe that nonsense. Feed us proper cat food, which will include meat as protein. And feed us the food that comes from respectable providers, not some jumped-up firm importing bad stuff from China.

If you don't believe me, ask a vet. 

This is a reliable blog. Some are not. Let's say it one more time....



  1. You are absolutely right! Cats are carnivores! Being vegetarian or vegan is a human choice not a cat's choice! Those zealous human vegans should do their homework before adopting cats! My humans are vegetarians/vegans but they get the best organic meat for me! They make my food and I'm happy! They chew on their carrots and I chew on my yummy chunks of meat!

  2. Unfortunately, some corrupted veterinarians (trying to please their clients to get their money) started giving "vegan" recipes for cats saying that cats are ok on tofu! Cats are NOT OK eating tofu! If you are such a vet. find yourself another job instead of destroying us! If you are a human vegetarian or vegan DON'T adopt a cat. Adopt a rabbit!


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