Saturday, June 17, 2023

Training? I don't think so....

 My human says she is thinking of "training" me. Like a dog. A horrible idea. Some dogs are trained by cruel punishments or even electric shocks.

I talked to my friend Toby who has been through this process. He says I am seeing it all wrong. It is an activity which trains humans to come up with better food.

First they offer you a treat, then they have a code word which follows. After a little while, once you recognise the code word, you know that a treat follows.

This is when you start training them. You do something that amuses them - sitting up on hind legs, or following a target - they use the code word and divvy up the goodies.

It takes a bit of time before they understand it fully. But after a while, they get the idea...

And you get free food just in return for some absurd behaviour.

Simple. They think they are training you but you are training them.


  1. Very smart Toby, your friend! Yes, we trained humans for millennia, perhaps? They think they are Homo Sapinens but we turned them into Homo Roboticus! As soon as we trick them with some absurd behavior, they automatically open the treat bag! Ha!ha!ha!

  2. Nah! I'm too old and have no patience for my human to train her! So I use an old trick...I just look at her with big, sad eyes and automatically she offers me a treat! Easy and faster to get goodies :)


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