Saturday, December 17, 2022

Snow - seven rules for sensible cats.

  •  Rule no 1.  You cannot have too much heat.
  • Rule no 2.  Find a human with central heating. If your human doesn't have it, then a wood burning stove, a a gas fire, or an Aga is the next best heating device.  
  • Rule no 3 (see Rule 1).  Best of all is central heating, an Aga, AND a wood burning stove. 
  • Rule 4.  Snow is magical - but only when seen from the windowsill with a radiator  below.
  • Rule 5.   If you don't  have a litter tray, now is the time to educate your human by going behind the sofa.
  • Rule 6.  Do not go out.
  • Rule 7.  A snowy day is a good day for a very long nap.


  1. Those are indeed pawsome rules! I am happy we have things in the floor that blow warm air.
    Mmmmmmm it is SO nice too :) It is a bit cool outside and rainy. I am happy to be an indoor kitty :)
    Purrs, Julie

  2. Rule 8: Ask for extra food. It's cold and you need more energy to keep warm, right?


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