Saturday, October 29, 2022

Black cats lives matter.


Black cats need your help, this Halloween. Black kittens are usually the last to be adopted from a shelter. Adult black cats stay longer waiting in a rescue pen for a forever home.

Worse still, in countries where healthy cats are killed if nobody wants to adopt them, black cats are more likely to be put down. Humans want  white cats, tabby cats, ginger cats and even black and white tuxedo cats before they want an all-black cat.

Humans can help black cats in many ways.

  • Adopt a black kitten. If you must have a ginger kitten, then add a black kitten too.
  •  Adopt an adult black cat waiting for a home.
  • Make sure you take a good photo of your shelter black cats. It's not always easy to get one, so take your time until you do.
  • Highlight the plight of your black cats waiting for homes by sending that good photo to the local newspaper/TV/radio station.
  • Add an eye-catching second name to the names of black cats waiting for homes - not just Blackie. Think of a celebrity name like Denzil, Obama, Rishi, Morgan. Or Oprah, Whoopi, Serena and Whitney.
  • Tie a large ribbon or a banner to their pen with a heart felt message.
  • Have a special black cat adoption day. Or week. Any time you have more than one black cat in rescue.

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  1. Nice post. I love black cats. I have 5 angel ones and one current one.


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