Saturday, July 30, 2022

Every single cat is unique.... why?

Every single cat has a different purrsonality. Every single cat is an individual. There is no "average cat." No single rule for every single cat.

So, humans, live with it...

And why is that? Well for a start, look at the picture. Five kittens of three different colours. Maybe three different fathers! Three different sets of genes.

Then there's the way our mum coped during her pregnancy. That affects us in the womb. If she was stressed out, we will be stress-prone kittens when we grow up. 

Next there is the influence of our first eight weeks of life. If we meet gentle loving humans, we love humans. If we don't meet humans, we grow up as wild cats without humans in our lives.

Finally, there's what happens to us. A single shattering experience can change how we act and feel - just as it does with humans.

So humans. Study each individual kitten. Study each individual cat. Only then you will know what we want and need.




  1. Cats, like all other sem chen, are no different to humans. I have to agree that no one hat fits all solution to having a pet. Treat each as you would a person in the street, and assume nothing.


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