Saturday, April 02, 2022

How water should I drink?

How much should I drink? Well it's complicated but it's been estimated I need 50-60 ml of water for each kilogram of body weight. And while dogs are always filling up with water, I don't always drink as much as I need.

Obviously if I am fed wet food I will need less water than if I am fed dried food. Tap water is just as acceptable as filtered water - and rain water outside may be preferred anyway. It all depends on my personal preferences.

The bowl makes a difference too. I prefer to drink from a bowl that is NOT next to my food bowl. I am not a human being drinking as I eat. I drink separately.

Best of all would be a choice. A bowl in the kitchen, perhaps and one in the  bedroom for a night time sip. And, for cats allowed out into the garden, a bowl of rainwater would be lovely.

Cheers. Help me drink more.


  1. Rainwater bowls are a great idea, and well worth a try. I'd test them first if possible to make sure what the toxicity of the water was.

  2. Water fountains in the house are great too.

  3. There is a dish of fresh water outside (heated in the cold times) but if a puddle is available, the outside cats inevitablly choose that.


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