Saturday, August 07, 2021

Save a life for International Cat Day

It's International Cat Day and I have a message for all humans from my friend, Tilly. If you are lucky enough to have a cat in your life, celebrate this special day by doing one of four things:

  • Donate some money to your local cat shelter
  • Volunteer at your local cat shelter.
  • Adopt a homeless adult cat - preferably an old one .
  • Foster a homeless cat.
I am lucky enough to be a pedigree cat, but there are literally millions of cats, some of them starving and desperate, who need human help. 
Take my friend, Tilly. She was miserable and terrified  in a cat shelter where nobody had adopted her for almost a year. She had given up hope.
Now, eleven years later, she is happy and loved.
You can change a cat's life by doing just one of those four things today.

PS. Tilly was rescued by Sunshine Cat Rescue, a small charity in Oxfordshire, which is always short of money. If you can spare a pound or a dollar, please do. Click here

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