Saturday, April 11, 2020

Human panic and cat freedom.

We outdoor cats are so lucky. Unlike our humans we go outdoors on long hunting expeditions like Sam in this video.
They can't
This week they tried to stop us going out. According to the media, the British Veterinary Association ruled that all cats should stay indoors. We mounted an online feline protest. The BVA website crashed. And then - surprise, surprise - they bowed to feline internet power.
Their advice was modified... You can read it here.
Now they admit that it is only cats in households with Covid 19 that should be kept indoors. 
Purrsonally I think it's a typical human fuss. The chances of picking up the virus from my fur are nil -- I refuse to be picked up or cuddled by strangers.
So humans, listen up. You cannot catch the virus directly from your cat..... 
I am a cat and I go where I choose.

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  1. It looks like the UK vets data is still out of date, though changing their statement is clearly right. I social distance quite happily by going out at night, and by not liking humans and other cats.

  2. Glad you have posted this George as a lot of humans are confused right now and tend to act unnecessary silly! Thank you! Stay safe, well & happy :-)

  3. You have quite an interesting blog my friend. Although you should be very careful that you don't tell the humans EVERYTHING about us! They will undoubtedly use it against us and begin acting even more superior to us than they already do. In fact, I would venture to say that you've already done this and ruined it for us all.

    Please cease and desist this blog immediately or else suffer the consequences of the 'million kitten army'!!! That's right. The legends are true. We are not simply a kitty's-tale to scare youngin's. If you refuse, we will be forced to act. You will be immediately subject to the wrath of one million felines!! Of course, there is one other way to deal with this transgression... the dreaded 'trial of hairballs'!! Oh you've never heard of the dark ritual?? Well trust me when I say, it's worse than being forced to watch the last 2 seasons of Frasier.

    But I digresssss... *purrrrrrrr* Watch your back Georgie... and tell your owner to watch out for his beautiful 15th century persian rugs. What a satisfying material under my nails....


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