Saturday, December 29, 2018

Cats and New Year’s Resolutions!

Dear George, 
I’m a very young rescued kitten! I share my new human parents and my forever home with three little human kittens and a bid dog, named Jake! I must admit as much as my human siblings wanted me in their life….Jake didn’t! He was just an old, grumpy dog who was jealous of me getting all the attention!
It took me about 2 weeks to train Jake to become my best friend and guardian. Now we sleep together – me under his protective big paw! Both Jake and I have received wonderful toys and treats for Christmas! But, last night I heard my mummy asking the human kittens to come up with at least three New Year’s Resolutions! 
I’ve panicked! Would she ask me too? Jake? First of all I don’t know what the New Year’s resolutions are or what their purpose is! Do cats and dogs need to make some?  Or are they only for humans? I’m scratching my head to come up with at least one but I can’t think of anything! George, I need your help.
Can you make some suggestions? New Year’s Eve is only few nights away! I’m sure Jake will benefit too!
Purrlease…some ideas so we won’t be caught off guard! 
Wishing you, Celia, the Feline World and their humans a Happy Healthy New Year!

Dear Whiskers,
Feline new year resolutions should be simple. What does a pet human need? It needs more training and some careful encouragement for good behaviour.  A well trained human is a happy human! The same goes for Jake, your canine companion.
But let's be clear. It easier to train a human if it doesn't know it is being trained. So I suggest that you do not let your human discover what your resolution is. Merely put your resolution into practice from January 1 onwards. The ideal pet human is well behaved and obedient without realising that this behaviour has been trained into it.
Be firm.  Be consistent. Be kind. These are the principles of training an inferior species. 



  1. Wishing everybody a Happy Mew Year!
    May all cats find their forever homes (if they don'y have one) & kind, loving humans!
    May you enjoy a bit of that juicy roasted turkey :-)
    Purrs & Cheers

  2. Oh dear! Whiskers...indeed you are VERY young to know about New Year's resolutions! Don't worry; humans don't stick to them...they make them on Jan.1st and forget about them by Jan. 2nd. However, a good New Year's resolution for a cute kitten like yourself will be to get as many treats as you can squeeze from that little bag :-)
    Happy New Year to all

  3. Whiskers it sounds like you've got the training part down! I think your resolution should be to enjoy your new home and get pampered every chance you get.

  4. Trudy Trotter living where Oscar Snuggles livedJanuary 01, 2019

    I have my humans trained very well. I just flick my tail and walk behind the chair next to the door, they jump right up and let me outside. I gently brush them and they follow me right to the kitchen and feed me. I jump up on my favorite chair and just look at them and they always get right up and give me three little delicious treats. They don't even know what I'm doing.

  5. Wow! Trudy Trotter - you made my mummy really happy to hear from you - apparently she was a big fan of Oscar Snuggles! So so were Fluffy & Cayenne! You definitely should post a letter and let us see your pretty face! I'm just learning about the old gang :-) I'm reading past letters!
    Happy New Year to you & yours!

  6. Ah! I just wish all this non-sense with celebration and resolutions be over so we all get back to our normal lives! Of course I wish everybody a Happy New Year and all good things but I want my room back and my food and my treats and noisy visitors!


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