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Saturday, April 14, 2018

Music for cats.... where can I find something suitable?

Dear George,
I need to consult you about human music. My humans feel the need to have music on almost all the time. The male has a preference for loud rock music, while the female prefers classical music - baroque, actually. I find the latter just about acceptable.
But the former is really hard on my ears. It thumps through the house and I find it difficult to ignore. Where can I find some music which is more suitable than this?

Dear Tony,
Human scientists have been studying this and have proved that classical music, like Mozart, is less stressful for cats than loud pop or rock.
Better still, there is a human called David Teie who has composed special music for cats! He has had the good sense to pitch is two octaves higher than similar human classical music! Cozmo's Air, so called, has a rhythmic pulse similar to purring and Rusty's Ballad has a rhythm similar to kittens suckling. The notes slide up and down rather like cats miaows.
Cats much preferred it to human music, when a scientist Charles Snowdon tested it! Teie has now produced an album which can be heard here. Get your human to play it to you. 
And make your appreciation known by purring loudly in time to it.


  1. I hear you! I love Bach and Mozart and I completely dislike Ravel (Bolero). I'd probably, absolutely hate rock or hard rock. Leave the house the very minute he plays rock. Come back when she plays classical music. As dumb as your humans might be ...they will get the message(I have trust in her).

  2. Who's complaining? Sam or Tony? Maybe Sam likes classical music and Tony likes....rock?

  3. Hmmm! My humans plays videos/movies for cats which I enjoy very much! Never paid attention to music! Now, that's something new I have to do!

  4. dood....we heer choiz oh mewsic round heer iz ...well.....letz just say we .....caterwaul... better !! ☺☺♥♥


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  6. ive heard mozart's music are also good for infants. was it true?

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