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Saturday, February 24, 2018

Feline wisdom recognised - at last

Dear George,
I have discovered a human book about feline wisdom. I think it has to be written by you, but the name on the cover is Celia Haddon.
What is going on? Has she stolen your ideas? Humans are so unscrupulous.

Dear Coco,
Yes, my life's work, my book, has been stolen by my secretary. I needed her help as my paws are just not capable of manipulating the keyboard. She transcribed my ideas.
Next thing I know she tells me that it has been published this month. She has passed off my wisdom as if it were her own.
I felt a strange mix of fury and delight. Fury at what she had done. Delight that at last the wisdom of cats is being recognised. 
I am planning revenge. I might pee on the TV.


  1. I want to read that book.

  2. George, congratulations on your new book! Can't wait to read it! Luckily my humans have lots of your books. All are signed Celia Haddon thou but I was told about her bad habit of stealing your ideas and then publishing them under her name! least we all know it is you and not her :-)

  3. Congrats George! Any idea when the book will be available in North America? Hope soon!
    In the meantime, yes - go pee on her TV :-) Wish I could see her face!

  4. Carla, the tuxedo catFebruary 25, 2018

    George, congratulations on another fun book yet full of your much appreciated wisdom! To be fair I would say we all should be grateful to Celia since by publishing your ideas she is actually educating millions of humans. This alone is benefiting us! Who wants inexperienced, hard to train humans? Not me for sure!
    So, cheers & thanks to both of you!
    Carla, the tuxedo cat

  5. Here we go again! George, this is your love story with Celia :-) But, be proud of her as I know for a fact that she's helping a shelter/rescue group from the proceeds of the book! So, George, there is a lot to celebrate! I would recommend to all human pets to purchase the book - you guys will have much fun reading it and rescued cats will benefit from it! Kudos to you & Celia!
    Much love

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