Saturday, October 29, 2016

Watch me jump for a forever's black and white cat week in the UK.

Dear George,
This is me showing how clever I am in photos and a video (below). I have white socks on my forepaws, white boots on my back legs, and fine white whiskers.
I am clever but naughty! I love jumping in the sink. I love cardboard boxes.  I love doing tricks, but I have difficulty controlling myself. When I get over-excited I nip and scratch.
Will somebody give me a home? I need a specially patient person who understands cats.
When I was a kitten, my first humans taught me rough games, punished me then gave me up. When I first was rescued, I growled and bit deeply often.  Now I just nip occasionally but it still hurts my foster mum a little bit.
If somebody in Oxfordshire, UK, wants a clever but difficult cat, purrlease adopt me. I need a forever home.
Jumping Tommy

Dear Tommy,
Be patient. The right person will come. Any cats living in Oxfordshire and reading this, please share the blog address. Tommy needs a forever home. You can find his details at Sunshine Cat Rescue.


  1. Good luck Tommy! I bit and scratched humans all the time after I was taken in to care as a 7yo, mainly to defend myself from stroking and being picked up. I adopted a human who seemed trainable and 17 months on I barely have to bite or scratch her at all! And if I do she knows to back off and give me some space.
    Best of luck finding an adoptable human

  2. I hope you find your perfect home soon Tommy. All cats are precious, but all are different- they need to be treated sensibly and time must be taken to learn and understand their ways. You sound lovely and I am sure someone will be overjoyed to share a home with you.

  3. What a cutie he is. i hope that right human comes along soon.

  4. Tommy, you ARE the killer cat! Man, slow down or you'll end up on the streets.
    I know you a very young but you need to mature quickly if you look for a forever home!
    Best wishes

  5. Hi! I think we are cousins or something. You know, the black and white thing. Be patient, someone will answer your call and be awesome!


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