Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Hats, cats, and bunnies - does my bun look good in this?

Dear George,
It's not just cats that can wear hats you know, whatever Harry Spotter may think (see a posting two weeks ago). With the help of my carer's husband, Mike, I have been trying to decide if a bowler (like Harry Spotter's) or a para red beret would suit me best. What do you think? Do I look really amazing in these? Or do I look sort of odd? Janet, my chief carer, finds it difficult to decide. I wonder, are the humans making fun of me with these images?
Yours Cautiously (in view of your past record with rabbits)


Dear Harve,
I think that the bowler suits you best, as you are a rather British kind of rabbit, stiff upper lip, liking your daily routine, generally anxious to make sure your humans keep to the correct kind of behaviours at all times. Janet and Mike are almost like your butler and parlourmaid, to my mind. You accept their care with a very correct kind of upper class acceptance.
The red beret, on the other hand, is military verging on the savage. Better for tough cats like me, who are quite prepared to go in there and slaughter whatever wildlife we can. We go for the kill. Rabbits like you just don't do the carnivorous thing at all. So to my mind, it's a bowler for a bunny.
More on fashion for cats next week. I hear you are on Facebook....
My only anxiety is that humans will get above themselves and (instead of using Photoshop) start dressing up cats. We cats have dignity and style without any nonsense about wearing clothes like pathetic humans.
Love (oh yes, I love bunnies)
PS. Celia has signed the petition on my behalf against poisoning feral cats in Australia.


  1. Hello all,
    We have to take immediate action and help the feral cats in Australia.
    Please go to and PLEASE sign the petition. Forward the link to all your friends and ask them to sign. It is such a shame to kill innocent cats because of people's ignorance and selfishness.

    Sorry Harve for "interrupting" your post but we have to help our friends in Australia!
    You look super in both red and black!
    I personally prefer the red beret!

  2. SebastianJuly 03, 2010

    Harve, stick to the bowler!
    Don't let Janet chose! Women won't get to any conclusion (sorry Celia) :-)
    After all...the bowler ....blends into you :-)

  3. Harve, go for the red beret!
    It's so French :-)
    Love it!

  4. FredericoJuly 03, 2010

    Hey, is that Harry's bowler?

  5. Sir WinstonJuly 03, 2010

    I'm up at the cottage now and I won't be able to write too much but I can't believe that even such question occurred; a bowler or red beret?
    Harve, of course a is so much more manly and British!
    Sir Winston

  6. Comm'on Harve; we love bunnies!
    I like both the bowler and the red beret.

  7. Definately the Bowler. It might be nice to chew on too.

    Cayenne, we signed the petition to stop the needless killing of feral cats in Australia. Apes worldwide are thick as **** when it comes to intelligent management of animal "problems" which they themselves caused - oooh don't get me started ...... grrr!

    Whicky Wuudler
    *feeling ranty*

  8. This is too funny. I vote for the red beret.

    I have rabbits, lots of them, but they are all brown. We had two just lounging in the yard last week, they looked like two dogs out there, just resting.

  9. Tee, Harve is a house bunny like myself!
    We are a bit different then our wild cousins; same family but looking different :-)

  10. Many, many thanks to George, Celia, Whicky Wuudler and all others who signed the petition.
    It is important to speak for those of us who can't speak. We are a bunch of lucky guys with "a voice" and definitely we can make a difference.
    Love & hugs to all of you
    Cayenne & Fluffy


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