Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Help my human is a paparazzi - she's always papping me.

Dear George
My human is obsessed with this thing she calls a camera; I know I'm very cute, but I only have to roll over or play with something and she gets out this great black thing and clicks away. But it's not just me she clicks at, I've seen so many cat faces on her computer screen that it makes me worried that she is going to get a lot more cats to crowd out the house! (At the moment it's just me and my bigger brother, and we rub along OK, mostly.) I've heard her say that the pictures of cats are for something called a 'website', which belongs to some nice people who try to find homes for poor lonely cats, (www.prestoncpl.com <http://www.prestoncpl.com> ) but I know she gets very interested in some of them, and would like to bring them home. I don't want to share my human with any more cats - I sometimes have to push my brother off the bed when he's taken my place beside her! (It's really easy, I just wash his head hard till he gets fed up and goes away to sleep somewhere else.) Luckily the other human is dead against any more cats, so I think we are safe, at least for now, but it's quite worrying.
Love Pansy

Dear Pansy,

Humans are obsessive by nature. My own is just as bad. She's got completely overcome by the desire to photograph cats, so much so that she puts the brakes on, j
udders to a halt, just to photograph any cat at all. And if she has to continue driving, she literally moans with frustration about the photos she didn't get - the cat on the roof, the cat raiding somebody's goldfish pond and so forth.
Obviously she photographs me - though she says the black makes it a bit difficult. I say not at all. Black is the most beautiful of al
l colours. I am adding a couple of black cats, myself included, just to make the point. I rather like the shaft of sunlight hitting me, as I play with a dead mouse - like one does.
It's not just taking our photos, is it? I think Celia shows signs of cat addiction. She spends a lot of time thinking about
cats, obsessing about cats, planning her next cat, worrying about whether she has enough cats, and the only reason why she hasn't got hundreds of us, is that William and I would object strongly. In her heart of hearts she knows that our welfare must come before her disordered desires for too many felines. Her local branch of cat rescue is www.westoxoncats.co.uk There are usually a few black ones on the website because for some reason, although black cats are thought lucky in the UK, they are harder to home. People seem to think tabbies are prettier - how wrong they are.
It's quite amusing to tease human photographers. Put on a nice pose. Wait for them to run for their camera. Then just the instant they get it out and begin to focus it, drop the pose. A tease variation on this is just to walk towards the camera and rub on it. That frustrates any hope of a good photo. And it is fun to tease humans. They are so simple minded.
Love George
PS. Please sign this petition against the cruel practice of
pulling out cats' claws. Cats need their claws just as much as humans need their fingernails. If not more. Click here -http://www.petitionthem.com/default.asp?sect=detail&pet=4312


  1. Personally, I like being photographed. After all we cats are so much more beautiful than humans. Enjoy.

  2. Well....I'm sharing "my home and humans" with three dogs!
    Of course, they all know that.....I'm the Boss!

    PS. I don't mind a picture here and there (at my advanced age....I'm still good looking) :-)

  3. Oh! I love being photographed but I'm just pretending that I'm not; I love seeing how my humans snoop around trying "to catch" me :-)
    Sir Winston

  4. Pumpkin, I agree that we cats are so much more beautiful! I like to be photographed too. I like all the "attention" :-)

  5. Well, I love black cats! And you Pansy are lovely!
    We all like attention but on our terms (that's what humans don't understand). It's no fun to have that "light" flashing in your eyes as you wake up (for example)!

    PS. You are right! It looks like your human is a cat addict (just like Celia). Ask George about the book "One hundred ways to live with a cat addict" by Ronald Payne!

  6. After 2 years on the streets of a small town...I don't mind to be pampered as I am now! My mommy can take as many pictures as she wants; I will never complain :-)

  7. I like to be photographed but I believe that my humans don't know how to use a camera! They tried so many times but I didn't see any photo. May be...it was a hidden camera?

  8. Dear Pansy,

    Since you have a staff, now's a good chance to have them earn their keep. I have let it be known that I will only pose for one photo during a carefully scheduled photo op. The clicking and the flashing bothers me. Any more than that, and I must take to my secret lair underneath the bed, and I expect to be plied with Tuna-flavored Pounce before I will condescend to come back out again. Get your staff to make the appropriate arrangements, and then they will have their precious photos, and you will have time to pursue the Feline Arts and Sciences: i.e., sleeping, eating, and hunting. (I would have included swatting silly little dogs, personally, but this is less of a science, and more of a hobby, I guess.)


  9. My human has photographed me all my life. That's a long time! She runs around with that little silver thing, which okay, but a bright light flashed some of the time and I just don't like that, especially when I'm trying to nap. She gets upset when I get up to check out what she is doing. I think it messes up her plans of taking yet another photograph of me. She has plenty. I must admit I still look good for an old guy.

  10. I have put a ban on photography of we cats. I've decided it's far too intrusive, it encourages the apes to think they can disrupt our sleep whenever they want and finally, having a lens shoved in your face is just damn rude.

    Wuudler the Despot. Grrr.

  11. We noted down your advice. The walking towards the camera thingy we alread do, hehehehehe.


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