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Saturday, January 12, 2013

What's the big square noisy thing in the living room?

Dear George,
I have currently moved into a human home, having spent the last 10 months living rough on a housing estate. It beats living under cars, scrounging dustbins, and trying to break into houses to eat other cats' food. 
But I am very worried by a curious flat upright rectangular device in the living room. It sometimes stays silent but in the evening it breaks into human vocalizations and some odd wailing music. The rectangle also has coloured moving shapes on it. Sometimes I see the outlines of humans or even animals.
What is it? Why does it make this noise only in the evenings? It is safe to be around? Why do the two humans in the house sit looking at it all evening? It's not nearly as interesting as the possible mouse living underneath the cooker. So why are they so entranced by it?
Yours anxiously

Dear Toby,
Some cats, and even some house rabbits, get interested in this rectangle, mostly if there are wildlife noises or animal shapes on it. I have added a couple of photos including me as a kitten. I used to be mildly interested then.  But like most of us, when I grew up, I learned to ignore it. It is just so boring. Lots of meaningless humans vocalising.There are no enticing smells coming out of it.   If you look behind the rectangle, as I have a couple of times, there is nothing there.
Humans call it a "TeeVee". As they have practically no sense of smell but overdeveloped vision, the shapes are exceptionally interesting for them. You can sit them in front of it and know that they will not get up to mischief. Harvey the house rabbit watches TV, purely to show his solidarity with his humans.
While humans are watching TeeVee it is a good time to investigate the kitchen, check up on any food on the floor, see if the butter dish is covered or open. You might find things to eat on the kitchen surfaces or the kitchen table. Always worth a little of your time.
Or you can take the chance for an uninterrupted zzzz on their laps or next to the fire. If I was you I would check up on that mouse beneath the cooker. This might be a good time to catch it.


  1. I really don't understand how the humans can sit around for hours and hours just watching that thing either. Sometimes they even yell and scream at it over something called football. Crazy humans!

  2. Tobby, it's fun to sit on top (if you are lucky enough to have conservative humans with a old fashion tube TeeVee not a fat screen); it's warm and humans can't ignore you being there (let your tail hung over the screen - you'll get plenty of attention). If they have a flat screen - just sit in front of it. It's fun!

  3. Tobby, my sister, Fluffy, is constantly asking for attention. She can watch for hours "Kitty Safari" that our mummy is playing for us. I have no interest in staring at a rectangular screen. I would go for the mouse :-)

    PS. Plus, I don't think it's too healthy to be on or too close to the TeeVee as dear George is calling the thing. George, thanks for posting your and William's photo!

  4. Dear Tobby, the "thing" making noises in the evening it's much safer then living on the streets. George is right; when the TeeVee is on....that's a good time to sleep, wonder around kitchen or do whatever you want.

  5. We can't understand the humans sitting still for hours at a time looking at the box when there is good supply of mice available locally to hunt.
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  6. Totally agree with Hannah & Lucy!
    But humans are quite dull and dumb; not only they live in a box they watch a box for hours and hours!
    Wonder if we could find better servants than them?

  7. Mmm. My box, my willow ball, my chewy mat, some hay and my TV. A great set up for evenings. Banana would make it perfect but they can be a bit mean in the banana stakes.
    Working on ways to remind them.

  8. Tobby, I was searching for something on internet (yes! I'm guilty):-) when I came across this webpage:
    Read the article about "Can't fix dinner - there is a cat on my lap".
    The article, I must admit, is entertaining and gives us some insight into humans thinking :-)


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