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Saturday, January 05, 2013

They're taking away my Christmas tree.... shame on them

Dear George,
They are taking away the nice small pine tree they put in my living room. It was a joy to me. I climbed up it. I sniffed and rubbed it. I liked the smell. True, it wasn't very stable. It crashed to the ground a couple of times, but that made the climbing more enjoyable.
This year most of the twinkly things on the tree were plastic, too large to swallow. (The tinsel in the photo is last year's. I ate it, which was a mistake, I admit. Yet another visit to the vet, whom I loathe and detest.) I enjoyed pulling them down and batting them round the room. Those are going to be taken away too.
It's not fair, George. Finally they enhance my living space with the chance to climb, tear off stuff, and generally lark around. Now they have deprived me of it.
Any ideas on how to make my humans behave better in 2013?
Lovely Lily.

Dear Lovely Lily,
You don't tell me if you are an indoor-only cat or whether you have access to the great outdoors. If you do live indoors, you need a climbing tree, a climbing frame, or a cat gymnasium. As my photo above this blog shows, we cats need to climb. Climbing will give your physical exercise. And, just as important, it will put you in the right psychological position - looking down on your humans. For some reason humans only give us pine trees to climb at the end of December and they take them away again on January 6. Odd. But then humans are odd.
If your humans are poor but energetic they could go out into the woods and bring back a very large branch. Then install it in the living room for you. Otherwise they should think about putting up shelves and ladders for you. Make them look for ideas at my secretary's new website here.
PS. This blog is a bit short because my secretary is still ill. 


  1. Our Christmas tree is coming down soon too. Mom leaves it up through the Epiphany, but it will be down next week.

    The Florida Furkids

  2. Move to Canada - some people here have the Christmas tree up all year! It's true a fake one but....some think it's Christmas all year around. Odd? I think plain stupid....but, at least gives you something to destroy!

  3. My peep grew us a couple of citrus trees... in the house! Apparently, they're not for climbing though. They fall way to easily... purrs

  4. The "Tilly" book was given to me for Christmas, and I loved it. It brought tears and laughter. Celia your book reads as it is....I have grown up with cats and now where I live I am not able to have one. However when I am out and about I talk to the ones I meet. I have a friend who has two cats and when I visit, he jumps up onto my lap, purrs and dribbles....I just love him,he's about the size of 'Boomer' from your book. It is as though he knows and understands me, and brings me comfort when I visit each week. Iguess you know I get withdrawal symptoms when I am unable to visit. Thankyou Cilia for caring about Tilly.

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